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Zales Credit Card Review

Zales Credit Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent/Good/Fair Credit
Card Rating:
Zales credit card refers to a diamond store card. This provides you an excellent opportunity for purchasing jewelry. In case you are a frequent jewelry buyer as well as have the ability to pay off all your balances quickly, then this Credit Card is a convenient option for you.

If you wish to buy an elaborate gift, but not able to pay for it all at once; then you should make use of this credit card. Do note that the Zales Credit Card is accepted only at Zales stores, both offline and online. It has 27% APR.

This credit card has a couple of attractive loan deals that allow you to borrow for a timeline as long as a year with no interest or low interest. Do note that whichever plan you choose, you will still have to make minimum monthly payments of either $20 or 3 percent of your total balance, whichever is greater. You will have to pay off the entire balance in the time that has been allotted to you. But making the minimum payment will not mean paying off the balance in time. In case you do not make minimum payments, or if you are late with a payment, then you will be charged 26.99% interest dating back to the purchase date. Hence to avoid this trap, you must pay at least 20% of the balance each month in case you have chosen the $500 option. You will have to pay off the 10% of your balance in case you have chosen the bigger loan option. That way your balance will be paid off and you will not have to pay any interest.

Hence Zales Credit Card can be considered as a good deal in case you wish to pay off your purchase over time but do not wish the charge on any other of your credit cards. However, it will work only if you pay off the balance in time. You are quite likely to be approved for this credit card, even if you are having weak credit.

There are a number of benefits of using zales credit card. We will look at these one by one.

Zales Credit Card Details



    Max. Rewards: No rewards12
    Sign-up Bonus: No bonus offer12


    Purchase Intro APR: 0% (up to 18 months if paid in full)12
    Purchase Regular APR: 32.24%12
    Cash Advance Fee: n/a12
    Cash Advance Regular APR: n/a12
    Balance Transfer Intro APR: n/a12
    Balance Transfer Regular APR: n/a12
    Balance Transfer Fee: n/a12
    Annual Fee: $012

    Zales Credit Card Benefits

    The numerous benefits of this card have been given here.
    • You get discount on your jewelry repairs.
    • Avail of easy approval.
    • There is no cost for jewelry inspection or cleaning.
    • There is no interest charged when terms and conditions are fulfilled.
    • There is no annual fee.
    • Avail of 60 days satisfaction guarantee.
    • Free shipping available to all Zales store locations.
    • Get lifetime diamond commitment.
    • There are low-interest payment plans. Avail of "zero percent loan" for 6 months if you spending $500 by paying 10 % as down payment. Another option is a $1000 loan with 0% interest for 1 year, with 15% down payment along with $9.95 fee for this transaction.
    • Facility of free standard shipping.
    • Get $50 discount for a purchase of $200 or more on your birthday.

    Zales Credit Card Drawbacks

    • There is a high standard APR.
    • This card is only accepted at Zales online as well as offline stores.
    • The reward program is limited.
    One major limitation is that there is a hefty interest rate of 26.99% that would be charged back from the date of purchase if you are not able to make the minimum payment on a monthly basis. This minimum amount is 20% in case you have chosen $500 option, and will be 10 % in case of a bigger amount.

    Contact Information


    Customer Care: 1-844-271-2708



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    Their 0% interest rate is just a JOKE. They just do not tell you that it is deferred. A lot of unnecessary fees the customer service cannot explain. Just do not get this card
    amazing card
    I got this card, and was approved instantly for a $25000 limit. So I was pretty excited and was very happy.!!
    just to buy a jewellery
    Got this card to pay of my brides wedding ring and had no problems. Until the 12 month promo period hit.