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Good Sam | Camping World Visa Credit Card Review

Good Sam | Camping World Visa Credit Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent / Good Credit
Card Rating:
Good Sam Club, an extension program and world's largest organisation for recreational vehicle owners, i.e RV owners, is dedicated to making RVing safer and more interesting with their eagerness to serve on a larger scale. Based in Kentucky, Good Sam club is like a sister company for Camping world, which is an one of America's largest retailer of RV supplies, parts and accessories and their great services for both new and used RV's. The Good Sam Club offers RVers the assets to take advantage of the RV way of life, including huge funds on RV protection, roadside help, RV financing, RV service agreements, travel medicinal protection, health care coverage and a Visa rewards program for RVers.

Founded in 1966, All through its 51-year history, the Good Sam Club has been a pioneer for the RV people group. The Club not just offers individuals its Action Line buyer backing program, it gives up-to-the-minute RV review data and has built up the Standby Sams, a system of volunteers who help to voyage individuals.

If you are a regular Good Sam or Camping world customer, with a program for their user's convenience and benefits, they have introduced and highly beneficial and rewarding credit card "Good Sam Camping World Visa Credit Card" under which you will get both shopping benefits with their utmost reward programs and all other benefits of a visa credit card user.

Good Sam | Camping World Visa Credit Card Details


  • Receive 5 REC REWARDS Points for every $1 spent on Good Sam memberships, products and services and purchases at Camping World12
  • Receive 3 REC REWARDS Points for every $1 spent at gas stations and private campgrounds across the U.S and Canada, including Good Sam Parks12
  • Receive 1 REC REWARDS Point for every $1 spent on all other purchases everywhere else Visa is accepted12


Max. Rewards: N/A
Sign-up Bonus: No


Purchase Intro APR: See terms
Purchase Regular APR: 14.74%-25.74%12(Variable)
Cash Advance Fee: See terms
Cash Advance Regular APR: 26.74%12
Balance Transfer Intro APR: See terms
Balance Transfer Regular APR: 26.74%12
Balance Transfer Fee: See terms
Annual Fee: None

Good Sam | Camping World Visa Credit Card Benefits

Now, as we do know the use of this card, let's discuss what are those programs and how it is going to beneficial for any regular customers of Good Sam or Camping world i.e RV users.

While we are talking about the benefits of this credit card, This card comes with both a credit card benefits like return protection, extended warranty, purchase protection, price protection, and so forth as well as all other visa card benefits which is offered by any other visa credit card like 'zero liability for fraudless charges', 'Emergency card replacement', 'Emergency cash disbursement', 'Visa signature luxury collections', 'Travel accident insurance' and so forth.

Let's highlight few noteworthy of them:

1. Zero Annual Fee.

2. Regular variable APR depending upon the market, which is quite good, compared to other credit card.

3. Sign-up bonus with up to $25 in reward points when you use the card for the first time for shopping.

4. Paperless Billing option to choose for easy, convenient, secure and eco-friendly way to get your account balance and other information.

5. Up to $400 withdrawal limit from ATM

6. Automatic payment service for quick pay off your minimum due, my balance or other amount of your choice.

7. Foreign transaction, a purchase made outside of U.S or online purchase made from an international client, with fee, equals to 3% of the total amount in USD.

8. Encryption technology for more secure and safeguard you and your account.

9. Third party money management: Comenity Capital Bank offers a safe association with Intuit's own money related administration apparatuses, Quicken and

10. Quick customer care service for any fraud or such cases.

Good Sam | Camping World Visa Credit Card Drawbacks

1. No debit card payment.

2. No payment could be made from outside of U.S.

3. Up to $35 late fee.

4. Up to $35 returned payment fee, which is comparatively high than other credit cards.

5. Rather high Balance transfer APR

Surcharge of 3% on any foreign transactions as well as Balance transfer makes it a little costlier.

Financial terms of Good Sam Camping World Visa Credit Card can be seen on the website.

Contact Information


Visa 1-855-603-5666

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Not worth it......
My dilemma started when I ordered a carbon dioxide detector from Camping World online. I paid by debit card. After I ordered, i noticed an ad for this visa card. Getting points for purchases sounded goid so I applied. A couple of weeks later, I got a bill from visa. I freaked out knowing that I had not charged anything on the card, as a matter of fact I had just received it. i called the bank and reported a fraud, had the card cancelled and a new one issued. Upon further investigation I found that camping world had charged my purchase to the visa before I even had it. So, I decided to go ahead and pay the bill that was sent. when I called the number, I was informed that I had a 0 balance. OK they must have transferred the balance to the new card so they will be sending another statement, wrong. Today I received a call from Commodity bank telling me that I hadn't made a payment. I told her that when I tried it wouldn't let me. The lady basically placed the blame on me. I have yet to understand how camping world used a card that I had just applied for and had not even received.