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Express Next Credit Card Review

Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Fair Credit
Card Rating:
In today's world, it is said: "a person is known by the clothes they wear". Whether it is your first job or your first date, what you are wearing has more impact than you think. So, it is natural for people to spend a lot on their clothes and accessories. And while we shop for apparels and accessories, we are looking for something that is stylish, trendy as well as affordable.

Express is one such place where you get fashionable clothes for affordable prices for both men and women. Express claims to be "the World's best speciality retail store". And if you are a frequent visitor of Express Stores, you must have at least once come across Express Next.

Express Next is basically a loyalty reward program where you earn awesome rewards and loyalty points by shopping in Express Stores or on These rewards and points can be used in future purchases at the store or online. Express Next Card is an in-store credit card issued by Comenity Bank to augment the benefits of Express Next Program. The Express Next credit card holders enjoy a lot of Express Next rewards and benefits. Each dollar spent from your Express Next card earns you 20 points as from March 1 2017. You can apply for the card both in store and online. The credit card holders are not charged any annual fees. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 25.49%. The APR varies with the market based on Prime Rate.

For a frequent Express shopper and an Express Next loyalty program member, Express Next Credit card is a great chance to earn extra reward points and make savings. An Express Next loyalty program member can earn three times more reward points with Express Next credit card.

A credit card holder gets great benefits like 20 points for each $1 spent, $10 rewards for 2500 points, birthday gifts, exclusive mail offers, invites to limited period sales and a chance to become an A list member. With the A list status, you can earn even more rewards.

This card does have certain disadvantages like high APR. But this can be avoided by paying all the balance before the due date. If you pay the balance amount before or on the due date, you would not be required to pay any interest.

If you are a frequent Express customer, this card can be very beneficial for you as you can make considerable savings. But for those who do not buy frequently at Express, this card doesn't hold much.

Express Next Credit Card Details


  • Earn 20 points for every $1 spent.12
  • Receive a $10 reward at every 2,500 points earned.12
  • Bonus point opportunities.12


Max. Rewards: Earn 20 points for every $1 spent.12
Sign-up Bonus: No bonus offer12


Purchase Intro APR: No intro APR12
Purchase Regular APR: 29.24%12
Cash Advance Fee: n/a12
Cash Advance Regular APR: n/a12
Balance Transfer Intro APR: n/a12
Balance Transfer Regular APR: n/a12
Balance Transfer Fee: n/a12
Annual Fee: None12

Express Next Credit Card Benefits

A frequent buyer of Express Stores and can avail the following benefits by using Express Next Credit Card.
  • A card holder is entitled to 20 points for each $1 spent in Express Stores and
  • For every 2500 points you earn, you get a reward of $10.
  • There is an opportunity for the card holders to avail monthly bonuses by writing product reviews, referring express next to a friend and similar things.
  • Each card holder gets an exclusive birthday gift.
  • You can achieve the A list status when you earn 7500 points.
  • Receive exclusive discount deals via emails and regular mails.
  • Exclusive invitation to limited-period sale events.

Express Next Credit Card Drawbacks

As they say, nothing is perfect in this World. Even the greatest of things have a flip side to them. Understandably enough, this card also has a few disadvantages despite having a great reward program. And the disadvantages are:
  • The APR is considerably high at 25.49%. This means that if you are not able to make full Express Next Payment in the current billing cycle, you will have to pay interest at the rate of 25.49%.
  • If you incur interest on your Express Next Credit Card Payment, it is going to be no less than $1.
  • For returned payments you will be charged up to $25.
  • Another limitation of the card is its low initial credit limit. When your card is approved, initially you are given a credit limit from $200 to $750. If there is a lot on your shopping list, this Express Next Credit limit will not be enough for you.

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