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Toys R Us Credit Card Review

The Toys R Us Credit Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Fair / Good Credit
Card Rating:
You loved them as a kid, prepare to love them as an adult or parent if you're one of the lucky ones. Toys R Us just introduced an 'R' Us Credit Card! Doesn't sound so impressive at a glance or a read, but this is specifically for the Toy R Us stores and retailers. This card allows you to purchase at any distributor, branch or any online retailer under the Toys R Us franchise! These cards are applicable anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you're a constant traveler, be sure to surprise your loved ones with a game or toy after your Euro trip. These cards are issued by the Synchrony Financial and come in two types. For the moderate spender, you can opt for the "R" Us credit card, but if you have a larger family and a bit of an extravagant spender when it comes to toys, might I interest you in a platinum MasterCard. The advantage of the platinum option is the ability to purchase anywhere a MasterCard is accepted, therefore you are not limited to Toys R Us shops and retailers. How cool is that? Therefore, what are the paying options that come with this delight of a card?

Toys R Us Card Details


  • Earn 2 Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases at Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us.9


Max. Rewards: Earn 2 Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases at Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us.9
Sign-up Bonus: No bonus offer9


Purchase Intro APR: No intro APR9
Purchase Regular APR: 26.99%9
Cash Advance Fee: n/a9
Cash Advance Regular APR: N/A9
Balance Transfer Intro APR: N/A9
Balance Transfer Regular APR: N/A9
Balance Transfer Fee: See terms
Annual Fee: $09

Toys R Us Card Benefits

As mentioned earlier, Toys R Us are now offering reward programs during enrollment. These programs come with crazy toys r us bonuses, promo codes and incentives that you just don't want to miss out on. By just opening an account, you get an R Us discount that you can choose from. There is the special 15% off discount on your first store purchase or an alternative of special financing. The special financing works on a minimum purchase of 299 dollars, with no interest for six months on purchases, required for it to kick in, though.

The perks of this card are to even close to an end. In this case, you earn while you spend. For every dollar you spend at either Babies R Us or Toys R Us, you get to earn yourself 2 points. This is, however, an exclusions application only and for further on this, you just have to apply for your card. For the MasterCard, earn a point for every 4 dollars spent anywhere with the card. This is another advantage that comes with this particular one. The Toys R Us points are redeemed at a reasonable rate of 25 points for a dollar in the R Us reward dollars. However, you need a minimum of 125 points that is translates to 5 R Us Reward Dollars.

Make every Thursday a mass shopping day with R Us Credit cards. Get your 10% off in every store everywhere when you use your credit card. Be alert and remember to request for your discount during purchase. Ask and you shall be given, am I right? You don't need toys r us promo codes or coupons for this, just a word and card. Note that this cannot overlap with the account opening offer, as it is independent, and most importantly, a weekly offer!

Also, if you have enrolled for the Geoffrey's Birthday Club, you get more special offers and toys r us promotion son your birthday as well. It's like a giant gift store to humanity. You just keep winning with these guys.

Toys R Us Card Drawbacks

When making expenses with your R Us cards, and platinum MasterCard, you will have no interest. This is only if you have paid in full within 12months on the purchase of 749 dollars or more. Basically, just like any other credit card, minimum monthly payments are required. Any toys r us discounts, promo codes and coupons applied during purchase will reduce your cumulative costs. Due to this, you may not satisfy the minimum qualifying amounts required. Therefore, here are a couple of promotional purchases that will result in no interest payments and or charges:
  • Debt cancellation charges
  • Credit insurance charges
  • Promotional purchase amounts that depend solely on promotion length, minimum monthly payments required and payment allocation.
New accounts have a non-variable purchase APR is a fixed standard of 26.99% and a minimum interest of 2 dollars. These interest charges apply to both toys R Us credit cards and platinum MasterCard.

Contact Information


You can call dedicated customer service at 1 (800) 869-7787

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User Comments about The Toys R Us Credit Card

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Useful card if you have a baby
My husband and I got the Toys R Us credit card after our daughter was born. We had to buy a lot of clothes and toys so why not get rewarded for it to a store that we can go to for all of that&) It's also helpful to have around Christmas time for shopping for all the kids. It is easy to use and you get points towards future purchases.
bad service
Poor customer service! It takes forever for a payment to be posted.
i'm a fan of toys r us
I applied for the "R"Us Credit Card because I am an avid toy collector and find myself in their stores quite often. I rreally like their rewards program, where 500 points equals a $5 coupon
Perfect choice for people with children
We have the toys r us credit card and love it. It is a perfect choice for all of you with small children or any age child that still enjoys toys. We love the rewards that are associated with this card. We use this credit card specifically at Christmas time and for our child birthdays1