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Disney Credit Card Review

Disney® Visa® Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent / Good Credit
Card Rating:
Disney has been introducing many cards since 1990 were when it presented American Express and its white glove treatment programs. After these plans, Disney made a partnership with bank one to make the Disney Visa credit card, which later transformed into the two Disney rewards visa credit card from a chase that we see today. Since both of these two credit cards are quite similar in many terms.

Disney Credit Card Details


  • $50 Statement Credit after first purchase with a new Disney Visa Card.2
  • Earn 1% on everyday card purchases.2
  • Save 10% on select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at and Disney Store locations.2
  • Save with 0% APR for 6 months on select Disney vacation packages, after that a variable APR of 17.99%.2
  • Choose from 10 fun card designs.2
  • No Annual Fee.2
  • Redeem Rewards Dollars for Disney goods and services at most Disney Locations.2


Max. Rewards: 1% on everyday card purchases2
Sign-up Bonus: $50 Statement Credit after first purchase with a new Disney Visa Card.2


Purchase Intro APR: 0% (6 months)2
Purchase Regular APR: 15.99%2
Cash Advance Fee: 3% ($10 min)2
Cash Advance Regular APR: 24.99%2
Balance Transfer Intro APR: N/A2
Balance Transfer Regular APR: 15.99%2
Balance Transfer Fee: 3%2
Annual Fee: None2

Disney Credit Card Benefits

The Disney credit cards offered by Chase are popular choices among many Disney lovers and travelers, but how much good value is one of the Disney cards for your personal or family trip for saving on your next Disney visit? The crowd responded to such new innovations very positively. Read further to find out more about the features offered by the card and to find whether it is worthy of your wallet, purse, or pocket or not! Rewards credit cards can prove as an incredible tool for saving a large amount of money on your individual or family's vacations. Such benefits as 10 percent off on merchandise purchases of $ 50 or above at some Disneyland parks, Walt Disney world projects and also Aulani gift shops, also 10% off on all $ 50 online purchases at or 10% off on some recreations at Walt Disney World can be very helpful while travelling.

Disney Credit Card Drawbacks

One of the Disney cards that many people prefer is the Disney card offered by Chase. Disney offers two further types of this card: The Disney Rewards Visa with no annual fee and a $49 annual fee charging Disney Premier Visa card. Both cards include a 15.99% interest rate, so these cards are not good for those who carry a balance as paying the interest would surely charge more than any earned rewards. You have to get the rewards card . Otherwise you will use the Disney credit card that will charge over $4,99 annually, and you cannot do anything to avoid it.

Contact Information


Disney credit card customer service: 1-800-300-8575

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Cool offer
Thats the best ever. Never thought about cards for special purposes, but this one really made my trip with kids. I think I’ll use it even more later
good if you are into it
not bad. good discounts and massive cashback. if youre a disney fan. it's worth it
I found no cons. The number of discounts is enormous, and the rewards are decent. The design is awesome!