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Arvest Classic Visa Credit Card Review

Arvest Visa® Classic Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent / Good Credit
Card Rating:
The Arvest Bank issues the Arvest Classic Visa Credit Card. With 50+ years of experience, Arvest is serving local people in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Their philosophy is to help people, and they achieve it through the design of financial services that go beyond the other leading banks. The Arvest Classic Visa Credit Card is one of the best choices to start building a credit history today.

Arvest Classic Visa Credit Card Details


  • No Balance Transfer Fee90
  • 25-day grace period on purchases90
  • Worldwide acceptance at more than 15 million locations90


Max. Rewards: N/A90
Sign-up Bonus: No


Purchase Intro APR: 4.9% for 6 months90
Purchase Regular APR: 20.15%90
Cash Advance Fee: $4 or 4%90
Cash Advance Regular APR: 20.15%90
Balance Transfer Intro APR: 4.9% for 6 months90
Balance Transfer Regular APR: 20.15%90
Balance Transfer Fee: None90
Annual Fee: $090

Arvest Classic Visa Credit Card Benefits

With the Arvest Classic Visa Credit Card, you don't have to pay annual fees. Your balance transfers are also free, and you can get a better interest rate. You get 25 days of grace on every purchase you make. It is backed up by visa, so, the Arvest Classic Card is accepted at over 15 million places all over the world. You can get access to more than 21 thousand ATMs, and the network gives you access to 250 thousand finance business. You get access to free convenience checks, which work as a cash advance. If you don't have a credit history, then Arvest allows you to start now. You may receive a secured credit line with all the benefits of an Arvest Classic Visa Credit Card with a deposit starting at five hundred dollars.

Arvest Classic Visa Credit Card Drawbacks

Branches of Arvest Bank are limited. Your account will be attached to the nearest branch, and in case you need to clarify something or ask for assistance in person, there are limited options to go to an Arvest branch. Balance transfers, cash advance, and foreign transactions have a transaction fee of 1% to 4%, depending on the operation. The minimum price for these transactions is 4 dollars. The application attached to a secure deposit is only valid when you apply at an Arvest branch.

Contact Information


(866) 952-9523
(855) 574-4183 (customer service in Spanish)
(800) 601-8655 (24-hour service)

MAILING ADDRESS (to contact Arvest customer service):

Arvest Bank. PO Box 799. Lowell, AR 72745.

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