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AARP Rewards and Benefits

AARP Credit Card AARP is more of a cashback oriented card. Although you get awesome cash-backs on your spends on restaurants and gas stations, there are not any discount coupons. The AARP credit card is great for those who spend more on dining and gas. It comes with a great deal of cash backs. The best part about AARP card is that there is no maximum limit on the rewards you earn. You will keep earning cashback on every credit card purchase.

Another great feature is that the rewards you earn would not expire until you close your account. For the first 12 months, you can also enjoy 0% APR on purchases and Balance transfers. For cashback redemption too, you have many options like Gift Cards, shopping, travel, direct transfer to your saving or checking accounts.
  • 3% cashback reward on purchase at restaurants.
  • 3% cashback reward on purchase at gas stations.
  • 1% cashback rewards on all purchases.
With so many great benefits and a chance to keep on earning cashback, AARP is definitely a card worth considering.

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