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Benefits of Pier One Coupons

The Pier 1 Rewards Credit Card You will get a 20% off Pier One coupon along with your Pier 1 card in the mail package. The 20% off coupon is exclusive for new Pier 1 credit card holders.

Get a 10 Dollars Pier 1 Coupon

You will get Pier One coupons for each 200 points you accumulate.

Pier 1 Points Rewards and Other Benefits

How can I get points from my Pier 1 Rewards Credit Card?
You will get one point of Pier 1 Rewards for every dollar you spend at Pier 1 Imports when you use your My Pier 1 Rewards credit card.

How can I know the point balance of my Pier 1 Rewards Credit Card?
The point balance appears on your monthly statement. You may get it by mail. However, if you enrolled in the paperless program, you will get it in your email inbox every month.

Is there something for Pier 1 Rewards Credit Card holders on their birthday?
Yes, you will receive a special gift from the Pier 1 stores. Make sure you check the whole statement on your birthday month.

Are there other benefits for using the Pier 1 Rewards card?
Yes. There are exclusive offers for credit card members, with special savings and discounts that are not available for regular clients. For example, you can get before everybody to the biggest sales, events, and special shoppings.

Is there a way to get more benefits from my Pier 1 Rewards card?
Yes. You can upgrade to platinum status.

How can I upgrade to Platinum?
To upgrade to platinum, you must spend one thousand dollars in 12 months. You will preserve your Platinum status as long as you spend a thousand dollars on the following 12 month period. The upgrade is automatic.

What benefits do I get from the Platinum status?
There are some exclusive offers, like a permanent 10% discount on platinum Tuesdays once a month. You can also get some other bonus points and exclusive events only for platinum.

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