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How to Apply for the Loft Credit Card

The LOVE LOFT Credit Card The Loft has grown over the years to one of the leading online retailers and online shopping platforms in the United States and the world. Every day, new members apply for their cards. Application for the Loft credit card has been made so easy; it is practically 1, 2, 3!

Step 1 - Go to

First thing you will need to do is visit their website. Once on, click on the apply button. This should re-direct you to a Loft application page. The page also contains a couple of details about the card, benefits and the terms that should be met by the card owner.

Step 2 - Select the Card

On this stage you can select what card to choose: the Loft Love card or the Loft Love MasterCard. The main difference is that you can use your MasterCard credit card anywhere MasterCard cards are accepted and earn additional points.

Step 3 - Fill out Application Form

Next you will be redirected to the web page with an important form that requires to be filled keenly. At the time of filling this form, you will need to have some information at hand (be it on a yellow legal pad or memorized in your head). This information is repetitive throughout different ventures of application, you might as well cram it. You will need:
  • First Name and Last Name
  • Address (street address, including City and State)
  • Zip Code
  • Home Phone
  • Email Address
  • Annual Net Income
  • Social Security Number

Step 4 - Verify

This particular website does not have an automated verification system. Hence, it is up to you to go through the document prior to submission. Be on the lookout for typos and numerical errors in the social security number and address forms.

Step 5 - Agree and Sign

When you agree to the conditions, you have agreed to the rules that govern the use of that card and ascertain a level of power to the bank. This contains all the rates and delay fees that one may encounter during possession of the card. It is therefore important to go through your copy at least twice to clarify such details.

Step 6 - Submit your application

Once you have reviewed everything, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the submit button.

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