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How to Make a Payment for Dillard's Card

Dillard's Credit Card It's very important to pay your credit card bill on time on a monthly basis as this is what your credit history consists of. As a Dillard's credit cardholder you have various options to pay your credit card statement. You can pay your bill online, by mail and by phone. With so many options you can always be on time with your credit card bill payments.

Pay Dillards Credit Card Online

After Logging in to your Dillard's account online you can pay your bills and get the paperless statements.

Pay Dillard's credit card by Mail

You can also pay your card bill by mail if you find it more convenient. You will have to send the payment to Dillard's Credit Card Wells Fargo, P.O. Box 512189, Los Angeles, CA 90030-0189.

Pay Dillard's Credit Card by Phone

In case you want to pay your Dillard's card bill by phone, just call 1-800-869-3557 to do so.

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