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CareCredit Credit Card Review

Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: See terms
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CareCredit evolves with a motive of putting an end to health care problems of your family, the best way to receive the care that is required for you and your family. The CareCredit comes forward designing a unique health care card that assists you in each of your medical treatment enriching the process of treatment for health, maintenance of beauty and other wellness needs. It stands to be the most appropriate process of getting rid of the bills of your treatment and different health proceedings. In the meantime, the company provides its customer with the advantage of a monthly payment that remains extremely convenient and friendly. CareCredit is the most widely used card bringing solutions to economic issues for your wellness and beauty treatment, getting your hearing aid dental proceedings, other vision and cosmetic treatment procedures and even medical assistance for your heartthrob family pet.

CareCredit Credit Card Details



    Max. Rewards: N/A9
    Sign-up Bonus: No bonus offer9


    Purchase Intro APR: Special financing options starting from 6 months of no interest are available under certain conditions.9
    Purchase Regular APR: 26.99%9
    Cash Advance Fee: N/A9
    Cash Advance Regular APR: N/A9
    Balance Transfer Intro APR: N/A9
    Balance Transfer Regular APR: N/A9
    Balance Transfer Fee: N/A9
    Annual Fee: $09

    CareCredit Credit Card Benefits

    The quotient of health care brings forward the affordability in question. Medical treatment remains truly expensive. Whether you indulge in beauty therapy, hearing or dental emergencies that include operative undertakings, the expense is hard to meet. However, your solution to all expensive treatment for you and your family could be the adoption of CareCredit health card. CareCredit health card emerges with different facilities that come that are not available in other Visa and MasterCard. While using or short term financing plans generally of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, no such provision for interest gets added on the minimum purchase of $200 and even more considered that you make the minimum monthly payment limit and leave the rest of the due amount for the retirement of the promotional period. With the help of CareCredit health card provision for extended health financing is also made possible, for periods that cover 24, 36, 48 and even 60 months. This facility can be used with less and reduced APR and with a fixed monthly payment until the coverage of the entire amount.

    CareCredit Credit Card Drawbacks

    Some of the drawbacks that creep up in the process of usage of CareCredit MasterCard remains few terms and conditions that do not allows resident outside the US to avail the health care service. However, added to that, there remain various license policies and terms of conduct that is must follow and adhered. Moreover, the site is limited for usage to family and individual, has got no provision for commercial or governmental purposes.

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    1-(866) 893-7864

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