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How to Make a Payment for Cabela's Club VISA Credit Card

Cabela's Club Credit Card There are several options for making Cabela's credit card payment. They include: payments in person at store, pay by mail, online payments, payments by phone and auto-pay.

Pay Cabela's Club VISA Card In Person

A cash or check payment can be made through the CLUB Booth. This is located at the Cabela's Retail Store. The Cabela's CLUB Visa members who are living near Lincoln, NE can make a payment in person by stopping at the World's Foremost Bank. There is the option to pay through a "Retail Kiosk" as well.

Pay Cabela's Club VISA Card By Mail

The CLUB Visa members can make their payments with a check or money order. They can mail it to:
Cabela's Visa
PO Box 82575
Lincoln, NE 68501

Pay Cabela's Club VISA Card Online

In order to pay online, you need to enroll in Cabela's CLUB Visa online services. You can make the payment by using a valid checking account as well as routing number. Do note that you cannot use Cabela's CLUB Points or Rebates or even Cabela's Bucks, or Gift Instruments as a form of payment here.

Pay Cabela's Club VISA Card By Phone

You may either follow the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) or speak with one of the World's Foremost Bank Associates in order to make payment.

The number is located on the back of your Cabela's CLUB Visa credit card. It is 1-800-850-8402. This connects you to an automated system that provides all the account information. Listen carefully in order to choose the right options provided via the automated system and pay your Cabela's CLUB Visa bill. You must have a valid checking account as well as a routing number. The same number allows you to speak directly to a WFB associate in order to make a payment or to set auto-pay. You can schedule a specific amount of money that is will be taken out of your personal bank account in order to make Cabela's credit card payment. This can be set to minimum payment due or balance in full or even set to a dollar.

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