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Cabela's Club Visa Credit Card Login | Activate

Cabela's Club Credit Card As an existing or a new cardholder of the Cabela's credit card you have access to the CLUB Visa online services. Online account will allow you to make payments, view transactions, view statements for last 12 months, check points balance and it will get you access to member-only exclusive offers.
There is a new security feature known as CLUB Secure Access that helps to further protect your personal information online on the site. You will receive a user ID and password that you need in order to access your account online. Just go to the Cabela's sign in page and go to the 'Returning User' part where you should enter your username and password. Note that this is different from your user ID and password which you may be using in order to shop online.

How to Activate Cabela's Club Visa

When activating your account for the first time, you can setup CLUB Secure Access on the same Cabela's sign in page by clicking on the 'Enrol' button. This will get you to the Enrolment Terms & Conditions page which you should agree to continue the activation process. You will need to provide your personal information and create a password on the next page.
During activation process you can select and answer three personal questions. You will have to remember these answers as the site will require you to answer one or more of these questions on a periodic basis in order to secure your Cabela's CLUB Visa account better and protect you from potential fraud. Besides, you will be prompted with a security question every sixth time that you log in. In case of using a wrong user ID or password three times, your account gets blocked and you need to contact Customer Care in order to unlock your account. Then you will have to answer two security questions when you log in next. You can also reset the questions by talking to the Customer Care department.

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