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BrandsMart USA Credit Card Login | Activate

The BrandsMart U.S.A. Credit Card Once your credit line is approved, you will receive your new BrandsMart USA Credit Card approved and ready to use. If you have further doubts, you may ask your sales rep at the BrandsMart USA store.
To activate your BrandsMart credit card login you have to go to the www BrandsMart credit card site. There, you must go to the end, where the Frequently Asked Questions are.
Find the Where do I check my account question, and click on the link to go to the Synchrony Financials website.
You will be redirected at this step to a web page outside the BrandsMart USA web page because the credit is managed and issued by the Synchrony Bank. You will find the BrandsMart credit card login page. At the bottom, there is a Register button. Click on it.
What you will find on the following screen is a form to register your account. Fill the form with the following information:
  • Account number (this is your credit card number)
  • Last four digits of SSN
  • Date of birth
Once your information is validated, you can continue to the next steps:
  • Verification
  • Profile Setup
  • Confirmation
The verification process will ask you some more details to confirm your identity. Be sure you have all the information required for the application form. If you have a copy of your application form, it is best. The next section is to configure your profile. You have to confirm some general information about you and create your BrandsMart USA credit card login and password at this point. Be sure you keep both of them in a secure place. Those credentials are your access to your BrandsMart USA credit card payment online. In the end, you will be required to confirm all the information you've entered into the system. You can go back at this point to correct any information before creating your account. After your account is created, you will have access to the BrandsMart pay credit card options. Other features of your BrandsMart credit card sign in information are to consult your balance; you can update the information of your accounts and even schedule to pay BrandsMart credit card for the following 12 months.

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