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Blaze Visa Credit Card Review

Blaze Visa® Credit Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Secured
Credit Needed: Bad Credit
Card Rating:
Dissolving the issues of having a national credit card, Blaze evolves to provide the first national credit card from the First Savings bank. It has successfully eliminated all worries for people who face trouble in getting credit card anywhere else. This Blaze credit card is generally offered in the form of either an invitation only for the unsecured Blaze MasterCard that it issues and another is the secured Visa credit card. The card stands as a relief for people who have a problem regarding bad credit and thus the acquisition of credit card remains a risk anywhere in the country. Whereas, the Blaze visa credit card helps to abolish such state of worry as it issues secured credit card that takes an amount of security deposit that acts as a collateral payment of the credit card account you hold. Undoubtedly, this credit card comes with additional benefits for its customers that make it more attractive to the people to have its possession.

Blaze Visa Credit Card Details


  • Build/Rebuild Your Credit - Your account performance is reported to the major credit bureaus.34
  • Enjoy a credit line between $300-$1,500 equal to your refundable security deposit. You must submit your security deposit before getting your card34
  • 24/7 access to your account online34
  • No processing fees or application fees34


Max. Rewards: N/A34
Sign-up Bonus: No


Purchase Intro APR: N/A34
Purchase Regular APR: 24.9%34
Cash Advance Fee: See terms
Cash Advance Regular APR: See terms
Balance Transfer Intro APR: N/A34
Balance Transfer Regular APR: n/a34
Balance Transfer Fee: See terms
Annual Fee: $3934

Blaze Visa Credit Card Benefits

Blaze visa credit card generally stands as a requirement for people having a problem with issuing credit card due to bad credit appearance in the market. A person using Blaze visa credit card gets to find all necessary and required benefits and facilities however just with a distinction with other credit cards, you are required to pay a sum of amount that will cost you for your credit card account. This card helps you to perform the same task you execute through the help of other credit cards. The card holders are able to shop and use the card anywhere they wish to. It stands highly compatible for transaction anywhere in the country. Further, there remains provision for an increase in the credit score only if you keep paying off the bills of your credit card accurately in time. Added to that, the customers get to have an awesome customer service that remains online 24*7, you can manage your account any time you wish. Added to that, you are not required to pay any sort of processing fees at the time you apply for the visa credit card. However, the report made to the major credit bureaus each month for each and every account definitely does matter and thus more your performance stands better, more facilities you get to earn. The entire process stands extremely simple and can be executed in the least time.

Blaze Visa Credit Card Drawbacks

There remain various defaults of Blaze visa credit card. Primarily you are compelled to pay a sum of money anywhere between $300 to $1500 in order to get your account done, thus making the credit line equal to the deposit in your credit card account. Added to that, the use of this credit card is subject to an annual fees that are $39, definitely, counts in its drawback list. Again, along with the annual fees, each customer get to bear an interest rate of 24.9% that pretty huge. Needless to mention that, there remain several terms and condition that pops up to be a drawback for the customers using a credit card. It is required to go give a thorough check before proceeding in getting your account.

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