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How to get Belk Coupons

Belk Rewards+ Credit Card You can get these coupons at two places: online or in stores.
There are a number of sites where you can get these coupons. In addition, you can get these coupons on the Belk site too. Just click on this link. This will take you to the site where a number of coupons are available for you. These offer you discounts, free shipping and much more. Check out the screen below that opens once you click on the link given above.

How To Use Belk Coupons

You may enter the coupon code in the space provided when you are checking out after shopping online. There are some coupons that are applicable for in-store shopping only. You may have to remember the coupon code or simply carry a printout of the coupon with you in order to avail it.

Do note that a coupon can only be used once. There are a number of conditions linked to each coupon. You must read these carefully before applying your coupon. Make sure that you show your coupon before the bill is made. This way the sales associate will be able to make the right entries while preparing the bill.

Another option is to apply coupon to bag. Once you click on this button, the coupon will be applied. Now you can make your purchases easily.

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