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Bangor Savings Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card Review

Bangor Savings Bank Visa® Platinum Credit Card
Card Category: Customer
Card Type: Secured
Credit Needed: Excellent / Good Credit
Card Rating:
Bangor Savings Bank, living and working in Maine (northeastern most U.S. state) for a long period, heartedly supporting the Entrepreneurial apparition of the people of Maine. It's supporting actions to the Maine communities either of any actions which could enhance and energise the growth of the quality of life for the people of Maine. Being operating for more than 160 years, longer than any other Bank in Maine is currently known for a "Highest customer satisfaction with retail Banking in the New England region, two years in a row". Always being trending over the news for their successes and challenging stories like Increasing its minimum rate of pay to employees with 14$ per hour, investing in new state of the Art Branch in Millinocket recently celebrated for reaching 15 straight years of earning growths, Adds over 30k deposit accounts. As per the letter from the President of Bangor Savings Bank, Bob Montgomery, Whatever and whenever you say it, one thing is for certain - You will be heard. With all the proficient and generous Banking services 'Bangor Saving online Banking are providing, they do provide credit cards for their potential customers to earn reward and loyalty returns.

Bangor Savings Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card Details


  • No annual fee111
  • Credit limit to receive up to $5,000 with no penalty APR111
  • Travel assistance.111


Max. Rewards: N/A
Sign-up Bonus: No


Purchase Intro APR: 0% for 12 months111
Purchase Regular APR: 10.74% - 21.74% Variable111
Cash Advance Fee: 4% or $10111
Cash Advance Regular APR: 24.74%111
Balance Transfer Intro APR: 0% for 12 months111
Balance Transfer Regular APR: 10.74% - 21.74% Variable111
Balance Transfer Fee: 3%111
Annual Fee: None111

Bangor Savings Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card Benefits

The Bangor Savings Bank Visa Platinum credit card is a no screech, no whine type of card that would be utmost for individual and they can take up around. Having zero annual fees and an opening APR of %0.00 for the 1st 12 billing cycles. The only thing which we do feel that should be clarified or should be aware to any potential applicant is that after the first 12 billing cycles, APR will fluctuate between 10.74%-21.74% based on the market prime rate.

Few noted benefits are as:
  • Annual fee of 0.00% for 1st 12 billing cycles.
  • Extended warranty coverage.
  • Credit limit to receive up to $5,000 with no penalty APR
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver.
  • Travel assistance.
For that individual who had been turned down in past for a credit card, It is helping those individuals to build their credit, with a $35 annual fee and secured 21.24% APR. Or either the individuals with poor credit or not having a good financial history could consider this as a great way to re-establish credit as they do allow to receive up to $5,000 with no penalty APR.

Apart from few great features of the credit limit, credit building, travel assistance and so forth, they do not offer their customers rewards programs like other comparable cards.

Bangor Savings Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card Drawbacks

With all mentioned benefits, this card comes with few drawbacks as well. Firstly, The APR on this card is quite high, resulting in charging of a higher rate of interest on all of a portion of the balance if the full amount has not been paid on or before the due date. Either it is for the APR on purchases and balance transfer which is secured at 21.24% or for cash advances which are secured at 24.24%.

Secondly, There is also $35 annual fee and a surcharge of minimum $5 or 3% of the amount of any Balance transfer while it is minimum $10 or 4% on cash advances.

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