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Citi Simplicity Card Sign Up | Activate

Citi Simplicity® Card - No Late Fees Ever Before you will be able to use your just-received Simplicity card, you should activate it. When your card is active, you can create an online account access and initiate a balance transfer.
The activation can be done at Citi's official website. You won't need to dig in to the site to activate your card. The Activate a Card link is right on the home page. Click on the link to start the activation process. You will need to provide your new credit card number on the Activate Your Card page to continue the process.

How to Login to Citi Simplicity Card

Today in the world of internet it is so easy to manage your card online, after activating your card you can easily set up an online access on the Citi's official website. Find the Register for Online Access link on the home page and click on it. This will get you to the Registration page where you will need to put your credit card number, manage your ID (Username and Password), setup security parameters and click on confirm to register for the online access.

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