What is ?

The is a credit account issued by . It offers customers instant approval for a $500 line of credit that can be used exclusively to purchase merchandise at the Horizon Outlet. Designed for people with credit, the Horizon Gold card is available without a credit check, and reports to a major credit bureau so that customers can rebuild their credit history. Instead of charging interest, this card charges a monthly fee. This fee applies whether or not you use the card each month or carry a balance from month to month.

Where can I use my ?

Unlike traditional unsecured credit cards that can be used anywhere their payment network is accepted, this card is designed for use only at the Horizon Outlet online shopping catalog. Cardholders can purchase a wide variety of merchandise, from apparel to electronics and more. Shopping categories include:

  • Women: Apparel, accessories, jewelry, beauty and footwear
  • Men: Apparel, accessories, footwear
  • Kids/Baby: Apparel, accessories and footwear for boys and girls
  • Entertainment: DVDs, video games, books, sporting goods, electronics, games
  • Home: Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, decor, luggage, auto and tools
  • Toys: Games, stuffed animals, Legos, dolls, learning toys and more
  • Seasonal: Everything you need from Halloween to Valentine’s Day

What are the benefits of having a Horizon Gold Card?

The is available to virtually anyone over the age of 18, as long as they have a Social Security number and a debit or credit account and fill out an application completely and accurately. Approval for a $500 line of credit is instant, so people with limited credit, bad credit or no credit can get an unsecured line of credit that will be reported to a major credit bureau fast. This gives them a way to rebuild credit, as well as the opportunity to purchase a variety of items on credit and pay them off over time.

What will my credit limit be with my new Horizon Gold Card?

The Horizon Gold Card offers all customers a $500 line of credit on approval. Unlike other credit cards, there is no guessing about what your credit limit will be, and the amount is not based on your annual income or your credit history. All applicants are granted the same $500 credit limit regardless of their credit score, employment status or income.

What is the APR for the ?

The is a APR credit account. It works a little bit differently than most unsecured credit cards. Instead of charging interest on purchases, there is a monthly fee for carrying the card, as well as extra shipping and handling fees on merchandise. The monthly fee of is waived if you have used the card that month. Just remember that you will pay other fees elsewhere with this card.

Will the Horizon Gold Card report to credit bureaus and help me rebuild my credit?

Yes, the Horizon Gold Card reports to at least one major credit bureau. That means your activity will be recorded and can help improve your credit score. If you make all payments on time and do not go over your credit limit, this will be added as positive information and help your credit score. Since the credit limit on this card is only $500, it is best to keep your balance below $150, or 30% of your credit limit. Your debt-to-credit ratio counts for about 30% of your credit score. Add up all the lines of credit in your name, and that is your total available credit. Try to keep your revolving debt at less than 30% of that amount. You can use more than that each month, as long as you pay it off– it’s the amount you carry over each month that counts as revolving debt.

What kind of things can I buy with the ?

The Horizon Outlet offers many products, from clothing and jewelry to toys and books, and much more. Until you sign up for the card, you cannot browse the online catalog, but the shopping categories available include clothes and shoes for men, women and children. It also has toys, electronics, home goods, and seasonal items.

What fees does the Horizon Gold Card charge?

The Horizon Gold Card has several fees that cardholders need to be aware of. The first one is the card activation fee, which is . There is a monthly maintenance fee of $6. This fee is waived for active card users, so can be avoided by using your card each month. Other fees include:

  • Late payment fee –
  • Insufficient check fee – $25
  • Outlet store delivery signature verification – $2.50
  • Outlet store residential delivery charge – $2

It is hard to avoid paying fees completely with this card. If you make a purchase each month you will pay the extra shipping and delivery fees, but the monthly fee will be waived. If you do not use the card each month, you will be charged the monthly account maintenance fee.

Why is there a monthly fee for the Horizon Gold Card?

The is a APR on purchases card that is offered to customers without a credit check. That means the card is available to people with damaged credit, who may not have been able to get a credit card otherwise. Credit cards for customers with credit often charge high fees, but the does waive the monthly fee for active cardholders. You just need to use your card each month to avoid it. Remember that instead of charging interest on purchases, Horizon charges shipping and delivery – so there will always be some fees involved.

Does the Horizon Gold Card have a rewards program or does it offer any services?

The does not have a rewards program, but it does offer cardholders access to a few special programs. They include:

  • My Privacy Protection – helps protect your personal information online.
  • My Universal Rx – get up to 40% off your prescription medications.
  • My Roadside Protection – get roadside assistance including towing, fuel delivery, lockout service, and flat tire changes.
  • My Legal Assistance – get a 30-minute legal consultation plus toll-free phone and Internet access to legal resources.

These programs carry additional fees and are not guaranteed by . Cardholders are not required to use them; access to them is offered as a courtesy only.

What do I need to apply for the ?

The requires members to have a bank account or other credit card account in order to be approved for a Horizon account. While there is no credit check, no employment check, no income verification or requirement, and you can be approved for the card no matter what your credit score is, you will need to have a few things to apply for this card:

  • Contact information including home address and telephone number
  • Social Security number
  • Age verification (must be 18 years of age to get this card)
  • Account information for a debit account or another credit card

Once you have these things, you will be all set to apply for the – and soon you can be shopping at the Horizon Outlet with your $500 line of credit. An email will be sent to you upon approval for your account, and a physical card will be sent to you in the mail within five days to two weeks. If you have not received your card after two weeks, contact Horizon Member Services.

How do I contact Horizon if I have questions about my credit account?

You can call Horizon Member Services at 1-800-251-6144 Monday through Friday, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Standard Time and Saturday from 10AM to 3PM Eastern Standard Time. If you need to request a refund or want to cancel your card, this is the number to call. If you are having any other problems with your account or feel you are not receiving adequate customer service from Member Services, there is a separate Customer Advocacy department you can contact. The Customer Advocacy department is available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time and can be reached at 1-800-837-4997.


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