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What is The Next Millennium Card?

Next Millennium is a credit account with a guaranteed $1,000 line of credit which can only be used at the UNIQUE CARD SERVICES™ Shopping Club Web site. The card is designed for people with bad credit but if you have undischarged bankruptcy, you may not qualify. The credit card issuer will report your credit account activity to one credit bureau allowing you to build your credit. The card does not charge interest but there are membership fees, so it is important to read the card’s Terms & Conditions before you apply.

Where can I use my Next Millennium Card?

The Next Millennium credit card is more a store credit card than a traditional unsecured credit card. You won’t see Visa or MasterCard label on it and will be able to use it exclusively at As a cardholder you will be able to purchase various merchandise, from electronics to jewelry and more.

What are the benefits of having the Next Millennium Card?

The Next Millennium credit card is available to almost any US citizen over the age of 18. The exception is for residents of Wisconsin, Vermont and Indiana – this offer is not available in those states. All other consumers can get a $1,000 line of credit provided they have a debit or credit card and have no undischarged bankruptcy. The card can be reported to a major credit bureau allowing you to build or rebuild your credit. You will also be given an opportunity to purchase a variety of goods and pay them over the time.

What will my credit limit be with my new Next Millennium Card?

The Next Millennium offers a $1,000 credit line on approval. The amount is not based on your credit history or income because the credit card issuer does not pull your credit report. All eligible applicants are guaranteed the same $1,000 credit line regardless of their credit score, income or employment status.

What is the APR for the Next millennium Card?

There is no interest charges on the Next Millennium card, the APR will be 0%. Instead of charging interest, the credit card issuer will charge you monthly fee, shipping fees and some other fees on merchandise.

Will Next Millennium report to credit bureaus and help me rebuild my credit?

Yes, Next Millennium is reported to at least one credit bureau. Your payment activity, positive and negative, will be recorded and it will affect your credit in a positive or negative way. If you make all payments on time and do not overlimit account, this will be added as positive information and help your credit score.

What kind of things can I buy with the Next Millennium Card?

The UNIQUE CARD SERVICES™ Shopping Club Web site offers many products from electronics to jewelry and toys. You can browse the to see all shopping categories.

What fees does Next Millennium Card charge?

There are several fees you need to be aware of. First of all, you will be charged an application fee which is $29.95 and includes membership fee. The membership fee will be charged every month, that is $19.95. If you pay late, you will be charged See Terms* and $30 if your check is returned. However, there are no interest payments because this card comes with 0% APR.

What do I need to apply for Next Millennium Card?

To apply and to qualify for the Next Millennium credit card you should be U.S. permanent resident of at least 18 years old. However, the membership is not available to everyone: the residents of Wisconsin, Vermont and Indiana won’t be able to get the card. Also, those with undischarged bankruptcy won’t qualify as well. To apply for the card, you will need to provide debit or credit card number, so make sure you have one.

How do I contact Horizon if I have questions about my credit card account?

Any question or concern should be addressed to the Member Services Department. You can call then at 1-888-805-7648. If you decide to cancel your account, use this same phone number as well.


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