What is National Credit Direct?

National Credit Direct is an unsecured credit account with National Credit Direct. It allows customers purchase merchandise under affordable payment plans. The National Credit Direct is available to all consumers with any credit history and it reports payments activity to a major credit bureau. It is a no interest credit card with a $500 initial credit limit.

Who can get the National Credit Direct credit account?

Anyone is eligible for the National Credit Direct credit account. And in most cases people will get instant response on the submitted application. Even if you had a bankruptcy in the past and your current credit is bad, there is a good chance that you will be approved for their credit account.

Where can I use National Credit Direct?

National Credit Direct credit account is not a traditional unsecured credit card. You won’t see Visa or MasterCard label on it because the National Credit Direct is designed for use only at nationalcreditdirect.com. The cardholders can purchase brand merchandise from electronics and goods for home to toys and jewelry.

What are the benefits of having the National Credit Direct credit account?

The National Credit Direct credit account is available to anyone even to the people with ruined credit history. The approval for $500 credit limit is guaranteed, and once approved people can start using credit account immediately. This is a choice for those who are looking for an unsecured credit card for credit improvement. National Credit Direct reports credit activity to a major credit bureau giving an opportunity to build or rebuild credit.

How much credit will I get with National Credit Direct?

National Credit Direct offers an initial $500 line of credit. All applicants are guaranteed the same credit limit regardless of their credit history, creditworthiness, employment or income. The initial credit line can be increased up to $3,500 provided you make all minimum payments on time.

What is the APR for the National Credit Direct card?

National Credit Direct is a credit account with 0% APR. It is a bit different from other unsecured credit cards. Instead of charging you interest on purchases, you will be offered three payment plans to choose from: weekly, bi-weekly, and twice monthly payment plans. The payment plans include price of the merchandise plus shipping and handling fees. The annual fee and returned payment fee will be charged separately.

Will National Credit Direct report to credit bureaus and help me build my credit?

National Credit Direct does report payment history with them to a major credit bureau. But they do not influence directly your credit score. Credit score is based on several factors and payment history is one of them. As a National Credit Direct cardholder you will receive a copy of Breakthrough Credit, where you can better understand how credit works and how to manage it.

What kinds of things can I buy through National Credit Direct?

You can buy name brand merchandise in categories which include:

  • Electronics: computers and tablets, home entertainment, gaming
  • Goods for home and home decor: appliances, kitchen stuff, dining and bedding stuff, figurines, and tools
  • Jewelry and Watches: men’s and women’s jewelry and watches
  • Fashion apparel: dresses, hats, gloves, ponchos and other apparel
  • Baby and kids: toys, furniture, baby small appliances
  • Handbags and travel: bags cases, purses, wallets, luggage
  • Beauty and health
  • Sports and fitness

What fees does National Credit Direct charge?

When you submit your application you won’t be charged application processing fees. All shipping and handling fees will be included in your payment plan and won’t be charged separately. The annual fee is not included in payment plan and will be $49. Also, if you will be late with your payments, you will be charged a $5 fee. Returned payments will cost you $15.

Does the National Credit Direct have a rewards program?

National Credit Direct offers rewards program where you will be able to earn points by making payments to your National Credit Direct account. Every dollar paid to National Credit Direct will bring you 100 points. The earned points can be redeemed for products which have assigned points value. Points also can be redeemed for cash: you will get one dollar for every 2000 points.

What type of payment plans does National Credit Direct offer?

National Credit Direct offers weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks), and twice monthly (two times a month) payment plans. National Credit Direct will work around your payment schedule to make it easier for you to make payments. All payment plans include the price of merchandise you purchase plus shipping and handling fees. Sales tax, returned payment fee and an annual fee are charged separately. National Credit Direct does not charge any interest.

How can I contact National Credit Direct?

You can call National Credit Direct customer service at 866-774-7254 x1 Monday through Friday, 12PM to 9PM Eastern Time. If you have some general questions about products or services, you can contact National Credit Direct by email – info@ncdfinancial.com.


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