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Walmart Credit Card Review

Walmart® MasterCard®
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent / Good Credit
Card Rating:
Walmart is an American multinational retailer and the largest retailer in the world. The company presented in 28 countries and has online stores in 11 countries. Walmart offers their customers different opportunities and experiences. Their loyal customers get access to different benefits and perks through Walmart loyalty program and Walmart credit card.

Walmart Credit Card Details


  • Earn 3% back on purchases made on
  • Earn 2% back on fuel purchases made at Walmart or Murphy USA (excluding Murphy Express) gas stations.9
  • Earn 1% back on other purchases made everywhere the Walmart Credit Card or Walmart MasterCard are accepted.9


Max. Rewards: Earn 3% back on purchases made on Walmart.com9
Sign-up Bonus: No bonus offer9


Purchase Intro APR: No intro APR9
Purchase Regular APR: 19.15%, 22.15% or 25.15%9
Cash Advance Fee: 3%
($5 min)9
Cash Advance Regular APR: 22.15%, 25.15% or 28.15%9
Balance Transfer Intro APR: See terms
Balance Transfer Regular APR: See terms
Balance Transfer Fee: See terms
Annual Fee: See terms

Walmart Credit Card Benefits

Walmart MasterCard credit card gives 3% back on purchases made at Walmart in-store purchases and purchases in other locations will earn only 1% back. However, you will be able to save a bit more at Walmart fuel stations and Murphy USA gas stations - 2% back. If you are going to make a big purchase at Walmart, you may want to use their special financing offer that will allow you to pay off the card balance at no interest within 6 or 12 months.

Walmart Credit Card Drawbacks

Walmart won't allow you to combine rewards with special financing. You will have to choose between two offers. If you prefer special financing, remember that this offer is only for in-store purchases and you will need to meet minimum purchase requirements to grab the offer. Thus, only purchases of $150 - $298.99 can qualify for 6 months of no interest and only if paid in full by the end of the period. If you want 12 months of no interest, you will have to spend more than $299.

Contact Information


Customer Service: 877-294-7880

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User Comments about Walmart® MasterCard®

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Save at gas stations
In my opinion Walmart credit card is mostly good for Walmart shoppers. As for me, the main perk is that it offers 5 cents per gallon off when you use one of the participating gas stations, as I drive a lot.
Love it
Have no problem the best card I ever had, thank you! Mary S., October 18, 2016
I was approved and my card was sent to the wrong address. So I never received it. Fortunately nobody activate credit card there...