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How to Get Walmart Coupons

Walmart® Mastercard® Most Walmart items are already priced as low as possible so they don't require additional codes or printable coupons to get a discount. However, you still can find coupons on groceries and healthcare products. You can use coupons to save money online and in stores. Walmart accept different types of coupons: print-at-home internet coupons, manufacturers' coupons, competitors' coupons, soft drink container caps, checkout coupons ("Catalinas").
According to the Walmart coupons guidelines and limitations, you can use only one coupon per item and should present it at the time of purchase. In case a coupon value exceeds the price of the item you buy, the excess may be given to you as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.

Walmart Coupons

To get and to use a coupon offered by Walmart, go to the In Stores Now area on There you can "clip" the coupons you want by clicking on the box next to the word "CLIP" in each coupon. Once coupons are selected, you can print them by clicking on the "Print Coupons" button.
Those who a printing online coupons first time, will need to install a free Coupon Printer plug-in . You won't need to look for this plug-in, it will appear right after you click on "Print Coupons" button. The plug-in contains security features needed to provide you with coupons you can use in a store.

Other Ways to Get Coupons

Some coupons can be mailed to you. You will see this option when you try to print a coupon. To get your coupon in the mail, you will need to enter your postal address on the coupon page. If you don't see this option, then a coupon cannot be sent to you via postal or electronic mail.

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