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UMB Rewards and Benefits

UMB Simply Rewards™ Visa Credit Card There remains several provision for earning rewards while using UMB Rewards card.
1. Procure 2 focuses per dollar on gas, goods, and at rebate stores.
2. Gain 1 point for every dollar wherever else and on adjust transfers.
3. Gain 1,000 extra focuses with your first buy made inside 60 days of record opening.
4. Acquire 3X focuses per dollar spent1 at Corner stores, Supermarkets, Markdown Stores, Eateries and Fast Food.
5. Earn 1point for every Dollar spent on all other purchase.
You may redeem your reward through any way you like either it is account credit, Gift card, shopping, Entertainment like movies, Broadway or Travel to your dream destination using reward points earned from UMB credit card at the banks' website.

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