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State Farm Benefits and Loyalty Rewards

State Farm® Rewards Visa® You can find State Farm promotions on their official website. What is more, State Farm Rewards Visa Credit Card is full of advantages and rewards for its regular as well as occasional customers. Along with a signup bonus, there are tons of rewards offered:

  • With every single purchase, there are Stat Farm loyalty rewards and they are accepted at millions of locations worldwide. 3 points are rewarded on every one dollar spent from your State Farm Rewards Visa Credit Card.
  • The loyalty points can be redeemed from any State Farm specified location or outlet, the redemption includes free hotel nights, travel services, free air miles, gift cards worth thousands of dollars, and discounts and extended warranty on specific purchases of electronics articles or accessories.
  • There is an extended one year warranty and claim up to $300 on every broken or faulty item purchased via State Farm Rewards Visa Credit Card.
  • For outside purchases from State Farm Rewards Visa Credit Card, there is a single point reward as compared to three points Reward on the purchase of eligible items.
  • The points earned by you can be used by other State Farm Rewards Visa Credit Card holder, the points can only be used as gift cards by the other account holder.
  • Visa offers account fraud monitoring to its users to avoid any mishap or security breach caused during login or online payment process.

Visa Gift Cards

Gift cards are becoming popular in State Farm Rewards Visa Credit Card members, users can purchase gift cards from the loyalty reward points or cash. The gift cards are accepted anywhere Visa is accepted. The value of gift cards vary from $20 to $500, the customer service is quick and responsive anytime.

The fee for every gift card usage is $4.95, the single load card expires after 60 months. The gift card must be used at once to purchase or pay for bills.

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