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REI MasterCard Payment

REI MasterCard® You can pay your bill by REI MasterCard credit card which is simple and quick. You can always pay your credit card bill online by using the IVR and taking help from the customer care people. You can link your account with online bill payment services and you will enjoy many benefits it offers you.

Moreover there is lot you can do with your online account. You can set up a onetime payment which could be done the very same day. Moreover you can also schedule your payment in advance. In addition you always have the option to pay the entire amount, minimum amount due or you want to pay some amount according to your pocket. The good thing is that before your payment is processed you would be updated. If you want that you should not forget to make payments you can opt for Auto Pay.

How to Pay for the REI MasterCard Online

With the option of online payment you can make the same-day payment, schedule a payment for future and even sign-up for auto pay. If you have a U.S. bank checking account you can use it to make payments to your credit card. For making online payment you need to login to online banking. Now you have to select "Pay my account" and you can also choose from paying "once" or "recurring". You can review the payment details and then click "Submit".

How to Pay for the REI MasterCard by Phone

With this facility you can call in for your payment from any location. You need to register for phone pay by calling 18777348742 or 17014612932. Now you can call the card member service any time before your due date and make the payment.

How to Pay for the REI MasterCard by Mail

You can also mail your payment by sending your check or money order to the following address

U.S. Bank
P. O. Box 790408
St. Louis, MO 63179-0408

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