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Peebles Credit Card Review

Peebles Credit Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent / Good Credit
Card Rating:
Peebles Credit Card is considered the best card because it offers a lot of discounts and coupons for its account holders. A Peebles Credit Card holder automatically enters the style circle award. When a card holder spends $100 in any store or online, a $5 payback reward is given to him. Moreover there are rewards on every Christmas, on birthday and also Club 40 and many other fabulous discounts. This style circle reward is often given by the retailers and is liable to change at any time. The principal benefit of this card is to help the hardworking people enjoy all the necessities of life without any problem.

Peebles Credit Card Details


  • $5 Payback Reward for every $100 spent with any form of payment — use in store or online!12
  • $20 Birthday Gift - $10 for Preferred and $20 for Platinum cardholders.12


Max. Rewards: See terms12
Sign-up Bonus: No


Purchase Intro APR: n/a12
Purchase Regular APR: 25.49%12
Cash Advance Fee: n/a12
Cash Advance Regular APR: n/a12
Balance Transfer Intro APR: n/a12
Balance Transfer Regular APR: n/a12
Balance Transfer Fee: n/a12
Annual Fee: None12

Peebles Credit Card Benefits

Although there are many benefits in each credit card, yet Peebles Credit Card offers many types of benefits. For example, the first benefit is the rewards that it offers. These rewards are either on spending some money online or purchasing from stores. $5 is pay back reward if you spend $100. There are extra savings on purchase through this card. It also offers reward to its valued customers on Christmas. On the birthday of every Card holder, there is also a reward in the shape of birthday gift of worth $10 to $20. It also gives the Club 40 and other discounts also. A card holder becomes able to become a member of style circle award. This card is also free of foreign transaction fee.

Peebles Credit Card Drawbacks

Along with many advantages, there are some disadvantages of the Peebles Credit Card. Here, the card holder cannot get perks until he earns 750 points within one year. Only one point is earned per dollar and it means after purchasing card you will have to spend more $500 to be eligible for the benefits. Secondly, if you accumulate the points, there are no cash back rewards and only discount and coupon rewards are offered. The interest rate is much higher that you cannot spend much. It is only valid at Peebles stores; therefore, its use is also limited.

Contact Information


TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788


Comenity Bank
PO Box 182273
Columbus, OH 43218-2273

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