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Peebles Credit Card Payment

Peebles Credit Card Through Peebles credit card you can pay all your bills. It is also very useful in shopping on Peebles Departmental Stores. You can also pay your credit card bill online very easily through online account or can contact the Customer Services Center representative by calling. You have the facility of payment of minimum amount or full payment as you wish. Here, the important point to mention is to make a schedule for the payment and strictly follow this schedule. This is because if you fail to follow the schedule you will be charged penalty. However, the payments can be managed through following methods.

How to Pay for Peebles Credit Card Online

For credit card bill payment and another payment you have to log in to your card account. After signing in a tab with name Payments appear. Just press it and follow the process.

You can also activate the auto debit and your bill will be automatically deducted.At shopping Peebles shopping malls swapping your card through machine helps to make payment for shopping.

Another facility that you can take from this account is the email and mobile alerts.

Subscription to these is free. By doing so you will remain informed about all the activities of the account. All the transaction detail is sent through emails and sms.

How to Pay for Peebles Credit Card by Phone

To pay for your Peebles Credit Card by phone you should contact customer care:


Customer Care Hours

Monday - Saturday

8am - 11pm ET.

Closed Sundays

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