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How to get Nordstrom Coupons

Nordstrom Visa Signature Card The greatest thing about Nordstrom is the convenience of putting everything in one location. Even coupons, promotions and deals can easily be found here. First of all, you will need to log in to Then under the home tab, click on the customer service. You will next have to open the ordering tab.
You should see an array of options on your left side of the screen at this point. To get a view of the coupons, simply click on the option itself, coupons, promotions & deals.

Nordstrom Coupons

One thing to note, there are no coupons for sales or discounts. So be careful when browsing other sites as they may not be valid! There is always the surprise of a complementary gift with purchase. These are however associated with the brands involved so don't go crying should you not find one. It's all a game of chance.
You can however try your luck with the buy and save option. Here is where Nordstrom allows clients and customers to receive a discount for the purchase of more than one item. Shop and save, it's the best way to buy goods.

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