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Meijer Credit Card Review

Meijer® Credit Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent / Good Credit
Card Rating:
Having its headquarters in Walker, Michigan Meijer stands to be a well-known American supermarket chain that has been serving customers since the 20s. The company keeps every item that is required in sustaining daily life, deals with products in all spheres starting from groceries, household products, beauty and health items, home decorative items, products related to babies and infants, sports goods to various services including medical assistance to provide you with your own personalized cake for any occasion. The huge business definitely aims at targeting and attracting customers, its credit card facilities for loyal customers remains one of its prime unique features. The company holds the provision for issuing individualized Meijer credit cards to its customers that ensure several benefits to the customer purchase. Further, besides discount and coupons, the company issues rewards to their customer, turns out to be the best deal to the consumers.

Meijer Credit Card Details


  • 10% off your first purchase with coupon.12
  • Save 5¢ per gallon at Meijer Gas Stations every day.12
  • Exclusive Savings Events.12


Max. Rewards: No rewards12
Sign-up Bonus: No


Purchase Intro APR: No intro APR12
Purchase Regular APR: 30.24%12
Cash Advance Fee: See terms12
Cash Advance Regular APR: See terms12
Balance Transfer Intro APR: See terms12
Balance Transfer Regular APR: See terms12
Balance Transfer Fee: See terms12
Annual Fee: $012

Meijer Credit Card Benefits

Keeping every necessity under its umbrella, Meijer issues a credit card to its loyal customer that comes with numerous benefits satiating the customers in each of the purchase made. The company does not only have provision for a credit card but also does provide MasterCard to their loyal customers. Some of the benefits covered by the Meijer for Meijer MasterCard and credit card includes $10 off on the very first purchase made with the card(eligible for Meijer credit and MasterCard). Moreover, each customer receives $10 reward with purchase of each $750. There stands no such fees or annual payment for usage of the cards. Besides various rewards in the domain of product and items of daily use, each customer gets to save 10c per gallon at the Meijer gas stations on each day. Further, new customers using Meijer MasterCard gets to earn $100 statement if they happen to spend $1000 outside of Meijer considering the time limit to be within 90 days. Further, the scope of your reward gets stimulated more you purchase with your MasterCard. Needless to mention, beyond various benefits provided to the customers on a daily basis, on occasion of exclusive events, extra savings benefits and other offer are provided.

Meijer Credit Card Drawbacks

With various benefit issued by Meijer for its loyal customers, it is required to be considered that there remain various terms and condition of the purchase that could often come under disadvantage for the customer. Often coupons that are provided by the company remains limited to some terms and conditions whereas, the APR tax involved remains as high as 24. 49%, that remains based on the prime rate.

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