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Meijer Credit Card Login | Activate

Meijer® Credit Card After applying for Meijer credit card application, in order to get your credit card work smoothly, you are supposed to activate it. It is both possible through online or in store.
In order to activate the card online, you are supposed to come back to the home page of the credit card. Just right beside the Apply option in the middle, you will get to see an option that says Activate A New Card. Click on it.

You will be taken to the page that would execute the process of activating your card. Fill in the following information to get done with the activation of your credit card account.
  • 1. Credit Card Account Number
  • 2. Expiration Date
  • 3. Identification Date
  • 4. Last 4 Numbers Of Social Security
  • 5. Zip Code/ Postal Code
After filling up the necessary information, clicking on the Continue option will make your activation successful.

How to Login into the Meijer Credit Card Account

The website itself helps you in managing you own credit card account. The website being extremely simple to handle provides you with provision to get into your account just by following few steps. Right on the home page of the website, you will get to find a small box that asks you for your personal username and password. You are only supposed to provide the necessary information that will take you to your account.

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