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How to Make Payments for the Maurices Card

Maurices Credit Card Those of you who own a Maurices credit card can make use of the simple methods of making a payment. You can make payments using the Maurices credit card online, e-payment, by phone, and using PayPal. Below are listed three payment options.

Pay Maurices Card Online

When paying online, it is the same steps as written in How to Sign Up section. If you have a Maurices account, you can sign into your Maurices credit card account to make a payment now. You will want to make use of your user ID and password to sign in. The online payments will take a few business days to post.

*No Interest applies when the entire account balance is paid in full before the end of each billing cycle. Accounts are subject to an APR of 24.99%; this APR will vary and is based on the Prime

Pay Maurices Card by Mail

You can also pay for the Maurices credit card by mail by contacting the Maurices credit card customer service:
Phone Number: TDD/TTY:1-800-695-1788
Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday 8am-9pm ET | Closed Sunday.
Atlanta, GA 30353

Pay Maurices Card by Phone

Customer service representatives are available:
Phone: 1-866-977-1542
Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 10:00PM
Saturdays: 9:00AM - 8:00PM
Sundays: 9:00AM - 8:00PM all the hours are in CST

Other Forms of Payment

PayPal method can be used for the Maurices Gift Cards. However, you will want to know that the prices are given and processed with, U.S. currency. They can only accept cards that come with Canadian and U.S. billing addresses. The credit cards are not activated till the order items have been shipped. However, bank check cards and debit cards will be charged instantly upon order. Just make sure that the address and billing name are matched when making payment. Supposing the billing name and address do not match, then they can cancel that order.

The purchases which are made in Canada will be subject to the exchange rates. The currency rates vary every day and hence are not the same. Based on the exchange rates they will be exchanged.

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