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Macy's Coupons and Special Deals

Macy's Credit Card My wallet is the one place where you can manage all your coupons and discounts. You will get special offers depending on your spending level. Coupons come in the form of Star Passes that are received from 3 to 12 times a year based on your level.

You can choose the day when you activate your special offers and get extra discounts. Selected discounts apply on sale and clearance items.

My Wallet will also allow you to manage your Thanks for sharing rewards. It is the management App for your trades with Macy's.

Spending Level

There are three spending levels, depending on your yearly purchases. You can get access to better promotions and additional discounts as you get to a higher level. Macy's spending levels are:
  • Preferred: For expenditures from 1 to 499 USD per year.
  • Elite: If you spend from 500 to 1199 USD a year.
  • Premiere Elite: Whenever you spend over 1200 USD.
The entry level is preferred, and you will scale up as you purchase more.

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