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Loft Credit Card Sign Up | Activate

The LOVE LOFT Credit Card You cannot begin to use your card till it has been activated. Therefore don't get excited about the card arrival, you still have a mini-process to go. You will need to fill a form to activate the card.
Visit this page. You just need to fill in your username and password. Click on the Sign In button to continue. If you've forgotten your account information, don't worry, you can always use "Forgot your username or password?" link.

How to Activate Loft Credit Card / Register Loft Credit Card

Once you have logged into the , click on the activation link. You can as well reach this page via the following link; this displays a primary card member information. You will need to fill this form with the following information:
  • Credit card account number
  • Social security number
  • Postal code
  • The identification type
Afterwards, you can click on the continue button to activate the card. Await confirmation via mail or phone messaging. Once your card has been activated, you have the green light to start shopping!

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