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Huntington Credit Card Review

Huntington Voice Triple Rewards Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent / Good Credit
Card Rating:
The Huntington credit card is one of the best cards to manage out there. It is MasterCard enabled card that allows it multi-functionality across different purchasing platforms. This card is one of the best cards in terms of the number of opportunities it opens for you. With many reward and benefits, Huntington Voice credit card is probably one of the musts haves in your pockets.

Huntington Credit Card Details


  • Rewards Voice Credit Card®, lets you earn 3x points for the ways you spend most.91
  • With Voice, reward points pile up quickly. Plus, every point equals a penny. (That means 5,000 points = $50 cash.) So, you can redeem points sooner and get better rewards.91


Max. Rewards: 3x points for the ways you spend91
Sign-up Bonus: No


Purchase Intro APR: n/a91
Purchase Regular APR: 13.24% (Variable)91
Cash Advance Fee: 3%, Minimum $1091
Cash Advance Regular APR: 24.24% (Variable)91
Balance Transfer Intro APR: 0% (3 months)91
Balance Transfer Regular APR: 13.24% (Variable)91
Balance Transfer Fee: 3%91
Annual Fee: None91

Huntington Credit Card Benefits

One of the most outstanding benefits of this card is the fact that it is a MasterCard that gives it the advantage of being used anywhere a MasterCard is accepted. Additionally, it has a 1 percent cash back policy on your everyday spending. The best part is that is not fixed. You can change it to your suiting by altering the category to where you can earn 3 percent. The example is if you spend most of your purchases at Wal-Mart, then you can change to a Wal-Mart category that is 3% your rate. If you're a foodie and always buy food at one outlet, you can always sign up for food. A road trip across the country, why not switch to gas.

On top of all that, this card has no annual fee. The consistency of the APR rates makes it easier to manage late payment penalties. Furthermore, there are no foreign transaction fees and provision for a late grace fee. The triple reward is where customers receive 3 points for every dollar spent in this particular category and one point for all other purchases.

The best part about this is the fact that you stand to earn rewards in one category of your choice, of up to 2000 dollars per 3 months. These benefits give you the extra advantage of customizing your own MasterCard that best serves your spending needs and lifestyle.

Huntington Credit Card Drawbacks

Nothing is perfect, even your dream credit card. Well, the first drawback of this card is probably the limited bonus you can earn per quarter year. The highest you can go is 2000 dollars, no matter how wild your spending spree will be.

The 3 percent deal seems pretty sweet, but as compared to other cards with similar options and rewards, they offer a 5% choice. This, however, goes up to 1500 dollars. So it all comes down to crunching numbers and finding what suits you best.

You have a choice to make before applying, putting in a place where you have to sacrifice either on saving money or getting 3X rewards.

When applying for this particular card, your credit history is put up for review, therefore, a poor credit score will definitely hurt your chances of acquiring this credit card.

Contact Information


You can call Huntington customer service at 1-800-480-BANK (2265)

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User Comments about Huntington Voice Triple Rewards Card

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good bank, good cards
its a good bank, never had any issues with them. i'va got a huntington mastercard and don't want another card. Great customer service!
Do NOT rely on this card and the advertising on this is misleading. It is up to the bank to cover something or not! so you have no idea when they decide. Soemtimes they cover checks, sometimes they dont. Do NOT rely on this.
Customer service staff
There are four national Huntington Banks in my immediate area; the one located in Meijer's Marysville MI is the one I usually frequent, the Staff is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I can always rely on them.)))
Pretty good card
I've been with Huntington for a year now. I was approved with a credit score in the 500's and it was pretty simple)). They required a $50 deposit and proof of income. After getting my debit card, i was good to go./
Huntington Is a great Bank to Bank with.
I've had an active checking and savings account with Huntington for years. I've had minimal issues and anytime I have had issues, they were resolved promptly. They have actually saved me on overdraft fee's several times, once my checking balance was low and a auto payment was processed causing my account balance to be negative a Representative called me and made me aware and I was able to go put the money in 2 days after. The 24 hr grace period had expired but they still waived my fee's in all my years banking with Huntington, I've had nothing but positive experiences. I just recently applied for the Voice card and was approved. No experience with it yet.