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HSN Credit Card Review

HSN Credit Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent/Good/Fair Credit
Card Rating:
The HSN Credit Card is a store affiliated credit card, and as such it comes with many drawbacks, and some benefits, mostly related to the HSN shop itself. The HSN credit card comes with high interest rates, and no related programs, making it no different than other store affiliated credit cards, in a sense that it is only good for people looking to gain some bonuses, and discounts when shopping in the HSN store.

HSN Credit Card Details


  • Get $5 in Spendable cash when you use the Easy Return Label up to 6 times a year.12
  • Save $10 on a single item when you open and use an HSN Card through December 14.12
  • No Annual Fee.12


Max. Rewards: No rewards12
Sign-up Bonus: No bonus offer12


Purchase Intro APR: No intro APR12
Purchase Regular APR: 28.49%12
Cash Advance Fee: See terms12
Cash Advance Regular APR: See terms12
Balance Transfer Intro APR: See terms12
Balance Transfer Regular APR: See terms12
Balance Transfer Fee: See terms12
Annual Fee: None12

HSN Credit Card Benefits

Not everything about the HSN credit card is bad, though, as it does offer some benefits as well. It offers a VIP financing program which will let a consumer avoid paying interest for up to 12 months on some products including electronic, fitness items and mattresses. The HSN also offers access to exclusive Home Shopping Network discounts as well as early access to merchandise - something that was expected from a shopping card.
Also among the benefits of this credit card is the $20 off discount on visa checkout, as well as the fact that there are no annual charges associated with this card.
There is also a very simple and easy return process.

HSN Credit Card Drawbacks

The HSN credit card doesn't come with any rewards, meaning that it is not exactly useful to users looking to earn points for rewards. There is also a very high purchase interest rate that you'll be charged if you don't pay your bill in full each month, as well as a very high annual percentage rate of 26.99%. Another drawback of this card lies in one of its benefits, namely the VIP financing program. Sure the program does offer interest free purchasing, but if you don't pay off these purchases in full within the period nine months, the bank will charge you interest from the date when you bought the product. What this means is that even if you pay off 95 percent of the price within those designated nine months, you will still be obliged to pay interest for the whole purchase, just because you didn't pay off the remaining 5 percent.
All of this means that the no interest offer can backfire on users, and the high interest rate adds to the overall bad reputation of this card. There is one more drawback in the form of a high $35 late payment penalty.

Contact Information


You can contact Customer Service by phone between 8 AM - 1 AM Eastern Time
Customer Service for orders placed by phone or general information: 1.800.284.3900

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