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How to Apply for the J.Crew Credit Card

J.Crew Credit Card The mode to apply for your personal J. Crew credit card stands extremely easy and highly convenient for users. All necessary steps are mentioned in detailed in the website of J. Crew itself. You are just required to reach the website and follow the proceeding steps, and your task is done within few minutes. Application process remains much easy through online while if you are of preference to fill u the application form in physically, you are supposed to find a store where application process is executed too.
Howsoever, it must be remembered that in order to apply for J. Crew credit card, the applicant must be minimum 18 years old. The process to get done with the application can be elucidated below.

Step 1 - Reach the Website

The primary step for getting your application form filled is to reach the site of J. Crew, the home page. You get to see the various option in the home page. Take your sight to the topmost line where you will get the Apply optioned mentioned. Click on Apply.

Step 2 - Fill Your Personal Information

As soon as you click on the Apply button, you are taken to the page where you are supposed to fill information for your application form. However, before going ahead in filling up necessary information in the application form, an applicant is supposed to go through the terms and condition that is essentially required and might provide dissatisfaction if not known in the beginning. Just below the list of terms and conditions, you get to find the space that asks for your personal information, go ahead and fill the required information,
1. First Name
2. Middle Name (Optional)
3. Last Name
4. Suffix (Optional)
5. Social Security Number
6. Date Of Birth
7. Annual Income.

Step 3 - Fill in Your Contact Information

After you are done with filling up the information in the provided blank spaces, go down and proceed towards contact information that asks,
1. Street Address
2. Suite Or Apartment (Optional)
3. City
4. State
5. Zip Code
6. Email Address
7. Mobile And Contact Number

Step 4 - Add the Authorized User

Being done with filling the information part you are supposed to include an authorized buyer if you want to include any person who will have the authority to purchase on your J. crew account. Howsoever, the basic transactions remain limited to the owner of the account, and its you.

Step 5 - Application Status

Howsoever, in a bid to know more about your status of J Crew credit card application, the customer is supposed to make a call to the bank, the customer service assisting customers is sure to provide you with necessary status regarding your credit card. Give a call in the required contact information followed by providing the respective application number will help you in generating the status of your J crew credit card.

Step 6 - Cancelling The Card

In case customers wish to close the account of J crew, he is supposed to call customer service number and follow the proceeding steps, while there also remains options for customers to visit the store to ask them for the closure of your account.

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