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How to Apply for the Gander Mountain MasterCard

The Gander Mountain MasterCard® In a bid to apply for the credit card of Gander Mountain, the process involved is very simple. The application can be found right on the website of the company itself. If you are of a view of processing the application offline, then provision of visiting the store near your home also stands to be an option. Often customers tend to prefer going to the bank straight away and filling up the formalities for creating a new account.

However, if you are of a view for applying online, the first step would be to get an account in the Website of Gander Mountain. If the customer is not having any account, he or she needs to sign up thus creating an account. The required details for creating an account will get directly to your application form.

Customers who desire in creating an application in Wander Mountain needs to be necessarily above 18 years old.

Step 1 - Reach the Site

Once you get into the website, you need to click on the Gander Mountain MasterCard in the middle, that will take you to a new page opening provision for applying for credit and MasterCards. A further click on the Access Account.

Step 2 - Click On the Apply Button at the Right Side of the Page

No, soon you reach the page, in order to apply for your Gander Mountain credit card you are supposed to click on the applied button in the page.

Step 3 - You Reach The Application Form, Fill It.

After you reach the application form, you need to go through the Terms and Conditions mentioned before you go ahead and fill up the application. Just below it rests the personal information section where you need to put all your details.

Go ahead and fill up your Personal Information
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Annual Income
  • Social Security Number.

Step 4 - Fill your Contact Information Details

After providing your personal details, you must proceed towards providing your contact information that rests below personal details.

Fill the queries with your information
  • Street Address
  • Suit or Apartment (if any)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Email address
  • Mobile Phone
  • Alternative Mobile Phone.

Step 5 - Add an Authorized Buyer

Let the company know if you want to add an authorized buyer. The authorized buyer gets the provision to buy your account, however, you are solely responsible for executing all payments as a primary account holder.

Step 6 - Application Status

In order to know the application status the user is required to give a call to the bank in the mentioned on the website followed by providing entire details of your application will enable the user to know the updated status of your account.

Step 7 - Provision for Cancelling the Card

Applicants of the website can call on the number if they are interested in canceling the application of the card. Even they can visit the bank and ask them to shut down a respective account.

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