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How to Apply for the BBVA Compass Select Credit Card

BBVA Compass Select℠ Credit Card The BBVA Compass Select credit card is not available for online application. You can find all information about this card, including terms, interest rates and fees on their website - The credit card applications are accepted by phone or at brunches. At their website, you can find the nearest location where you can apply in person. If you want to apply over the phone, just call the phone number provided on the site or call the customer service for assistance.

When applying for the card, make sure you have some personal information handy. The issuer will ask you to provide your full name, street address, SSN, phone number, annual income, and employment information.

Even though the card is not offered for online application, you will be able to manage your account online, when you have the card. So, make sure you set it up.

Step 1 - Go to

Once you are on BBVA Compass website, go to the Credit Cards page and click on the Select Credit Card in the upper menu. This will get you the credit card details page where you can review terms of the offer.

Step 2 - Get Started

After you've read the information about the credit card, look for the 'Get Started' box where you will find contact information to initiate your application over the phone. Or you can use their location finder to find the nearest branch where you can apply for the card in person.
Use any appropriate way to apply for the card. Just remember to have your personal information handy when applying.

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