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How to Apply for the Art Van Signature Card

Art Van Signature Card Art Van Application for credit card is quite simple. You can visit Synchrony bank application page and apply online.

Step 1 - Fill in Your Personal Information

You would need to fill up the following details including your name, address, age, date of birth, monthly net income, etc.

Step 2 - Choose Between Electronic or Paper Statements

After filling these details, you can choose between electronic or paper statements by clicking on the desired option.
You can also choose Art Van Card Security Program. It is an optional program. If you subscribe for this program, you would not need to pay Art Van credit card bill for a month or up to $ 10,000, if any qualifying events happen.

The events that qualify for the cancellation of payments are unemployment, leave of absence from work, disability, hospitalization, nursing home stay, Loss of life, etc.

To avail this program, you need to pay $ 1.66 for every $ 100 in your ending monthly balance. You need to pay this fee every month.

Step 3 - Read About Security Program

How to obtain Benefits of the Program you need to follow the rules:
  • If multiple covered events happen at the same time, you need to choose one covered event.
  • Both the primary as well as joint account holder are eligible for the benefits.
  • To request benefit form, you have to call Art Van credit card phone number 1800-815-4051.
  • When you receive the benefit form, complete it and submit it with the requested documents within 1 year of the benefit start date.
  • After a covered event occurs, you have to continue paying the minimum monthly amount until your benefit request is approved.
Art Van Card Security program is a great program to safeguard you against certain events. If you want to avail the program, click on yes. You can easily cancel the program whenever you wish. Or else, just click continue to fill your application form.

Step 4 - Finish the Application

After successfully filling the application form, your account would be created. Now you can easily manage your account after creating your log-in id and password. Click on the manage account button.
With Art Van Account, you can:
  • Make an online Art Van Credit Card Payment
  • Instant Art Van Credit Card Login
  • Get monthly account statements online.

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