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How to Apply for Nordstrom Credit Card

Nordstrom Visa Signature Card Just like any other application, this can be done either online or at a retailer if you prefer the face-to-face service. Just like any other card there are some specifics that must be met in order to qualify to apply for the card.

The 18 and over rule pretty much cuts across all card platforms, but for the Nordstrom application, if you are in Alabama & Nebraska and Mississippi & Puerto Rico, you will need to be 19 and 21 years and over respectively. For an online application you will need to visit their website

Step 1 - Go to

Once at the website, there is an organised system that is a tab system. The first order of business is to select the type of card you are interested in. the list of the cards offered will appear on the screen. Once selected, you now continue to the application process.

Step 2 - Sign In and Apply OR Create Your Account and Apply

The application process for this card is as standard as the others. The only hiccup you might encounter might be the age difference and specifications fo different regions of the country. Therefore, be sure to have all of the following details with you at hand at the time of application:
  • Fist Name and Last Name
  • Address (street address including City and State)
  • Zip Code
  • Home Phone
  • Email Address
  • Annual Net Income
  • Social security number
  • A secret answer to a specific question in the case you forget your password. (Keep it simple, your mother's maiden name, however, is just too simple or predictable)

Step 3 - Fill out Application Form

During the process of filling out the form, there is an account opening disclosure that has been laid out by Nordstrom for the purposes of evaluation and understanding. This solely helps you in decision making as to what might suit your credit card needs especially and specifically to Nordstrom stores and outlets.

Step 4 - Verify

Be sure to go through the form once filled, before agreeing and applying. Once you have applied, it is final. Be on the lockout for typos and missed letters or numbers especially in the contact information and Social Security Number.

Step 5 - Agree and Sign

This is the final step, before submitting. The point of this is to elaborate all the terms that apply once you have been approved and own a Nordstrom card. Take your time and peruse through the conditions, in this particular case they are not as many as you would think.

Step 6 - Submit your application

At the bottom of the application sheet, you will click on the Apply & Agree button should you be satisfied with the information given and the credit card details you're applying for.

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