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How to Apply for Macy's Credit Card

Macy's Credit Card There are two ways to get your Macy's Credit Card. You can fill the online application at or visit a store and head to the customer support department to fill an application.
When you are at the store, you can opt to get the Macy's Credit Card or the Macy's American Express Credit Card. Whichever is your chosen option, you will get the same benefits. The Macy's American Express Credit Card can only be requested on the store.
To use our guide to applying to the Macy's Credit Card, you have to be 18 years old and resident of the United States.

Step 1 - Go to Macy'

Once you are on the Macy' website, go to the Macy's Credit Card section at the bottom of your screen.
Then, click on the Apply & Learn More option on your left. You will be shown the complete Macy's Credit Card Benefits and the different spending levels.
You can apply online to the first spending level (Preferred). Click on APPLY TODAY.

Step 2 - Fill in the Apply Today Form

You will be given a form to fill. The form is divided into the following sections:
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Financial Information
  • Identification
  • Date of Birth
Each section comes with a "+" sign to fill it. Click on the "+" sign once you have completed the current selection. If there is an error on any section, you will be shown a warning message. Go back and correct the information until you have finished all the sections.

Step 3 - Terms and Conditions

Read the contract with the terms and conditions of your new Macy's Credit Card. You will be given the details on fees, rates and any costs you should be aware of. It is important that you go through this section to avoid future penalties or charges.

Step 4 - Agreements

Once you're done with the Terms and Conditions, you have to confirm you agree with them. Accepting the given terms and condition and privacy notice is mandatory. Those are the two checkboxes on top of the Agreements section.
If you want to get Macy's special offers on your email also click on the third check box to subscribe to Macy's mailing list. It is highly recommendable to keep up with the latest promotions on Macy's.

Step 5 - Submit Application

Once you have all the information, it is time to submit your request. You will receive an email with the electronic documents and contract. Your credit history will be checked against the security number you provided to approve the credit line. Once your credit is approved, you will receive an email confirmation.

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