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How to Apply for the Hilton HHonors Surpass Card from American Express

Hilton HHonors™ Surpass® Card from American Express The entire application process for Hilton HHonors Surpass Amex Credit Card application is pretty simple and straightforward. You need to be eligible as per company's extant rules to get approval for the Hilton HHonors Surpass Amex Credit Card. An applicant must be at least 18 years of age a citizen of the United States of America with a legitimate social security number. The best thing about the entire application process apart from the convenience of applying through a simple and user friendly interface is the short waiting period. The company informs you within 60 seconds about the decision it has made regarding your request.

Also, American Express uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This means the data you have entered is encrypted and inaccessible to a third party.

Step 1 - Visit Website

First and foremost you have to visit its website. This is their homepage and you can easily locate the 'Apply Now' button once you are there. You need to click on the button.

Step 2 - Fill In the Application Form

You will be guided to a personal information form where you have to fill in details like your full name, date of birth, email address, social security number, etc. It is recommended that you be in possession of all your important documents and details prior to filling in the form. It would be highly convenient for you if you as you can fill the application document at one go without any hassles.

Step 3 - Agreeing on Terms and Conditions

After you finish filling in the details, you will have to click on the continue button to go to the next page which lists all the terms and conditions related to your HHonors Surpass Amex Credit Card card. It contains important details about the costs, annual percentage rates for purchases(APRs), APR for balance transfer, APR for cash advances, interest payable, annual membership charges and sundry other items which you need to be aware of to avoid any future penalties and charges and derive the maximum benefit for your card. It is therefore suggested that you take your time going through it so that you do not miss out on any details.

Step 4 - Submit your Application

Now the time has come to submit your application. There is no going back and even if you have to go back, it means starting the procedure from the beginning. You are therefore advised to go through the entire details once again with a fine comb to ensure everything is in order. You can also take the help of your friend to ensure that everything is in order and get advice about the technicalities mentioned in terms and conditions.

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