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How to Make Payments for the Goodyear Card

Goodyear Credit Card Goodyear Credit Cards gives users the capability to make payments for labor or parts service and get financing savings and options as stated by Follow the steps below to make a payment for the Goodyear Credit Card online.

Pay Goodyear Card Online

Step 1 - Visit the Goodyear official website and click on Goodyear Credit Card Details

Step 2 - Scroll down the page and stop halfway at the section where you see "the Goodyear Credit Card" displayed. Then, click on "See Details".

Step 3 - Login to the account and search for the section with the title "Already a Cardholder" which you will come across on the left-hand side of the computer screen. Then click on "login".

Step 4 - Continue to Citigroup. A box pops up, displaying a message that says "The user is about to leave and be directed to a Citigroup website".

Step 5 - Click on "Continue" and sign into the account by typing your User ID and password in the appropriate boxes that appear.

Step 6 - Click on the yellow "Sign On" button and once inside, click on "Make a Payment".

Step 7 - In the options located at the top, click on the "Make a Payment" tab.

Step 8 - Make your desired payment

Step 9 - As a user, you have the option of either paying the minimum monthly amount or pay a different sum. Choose the option you desire and then click on the option that you have selected. If you chose the "different price option", you may have to fill in the amount. Then click "Continue".

Step 10 - Critically examine the detail of the payment when the next screen pops open. Click "Submit Payment".

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