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Forever 21 Credit Card Review

Forever 21 credit card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent / Good Credit
Card Rating:
Forever 21 credit cards have been a major breakthrough in the financial market. Now, credit cards are considered a necessity. Everybody seems to have a credit card. An American even has 9 to 10 credit cards on the average. There's just a lot that you can't do and several benefits that you can't avail if you don't have a Forever 21 credit card.

Forever 21 Credit Card Details


  • 20% OFF your first purchase12
  • 3 Points per $1 spent in store & online at Forever 2112


Max. Rewards: 3 Points per $1 spent in store & online at Forever 2112
Sign-up Bonus: 20% OFF your first purchase12


Purchase Intro APR: N/A12
Purchase Regular APR: 28.49%12
Cash Advance Fee: N/A12
Cash Advance Regular APR: N/A12
Balance Transfer Intro APR: N/A12
Balance Transfer Regular APR: N/A12
Balance Transfer Fee: N/A12
Annual Fee: $012

Forever 21 Credit Card Benefits

One of the benefits of the card is that you can conveniently make your purchases online. Online shopping is very popular nowadays, and you can truly get great deals when you purchase online. Forever 21 credit cards also allow you to buy even if you don't have any cash at the moment. You can go on a cashless shopping and still be able to avail great discounts. In fact, by using your Forever 21 credit card, you also get to have the promotions and perks that your credit card company provides. Notably, when you get your card first time, your first purchase will get a 15% discount. Then all your purchases will earn 3 points for every dollar spent. Once you have accumulated 300 points, you will get a $5 rewards certificate. Also, as a member, you will get birthdays discounts, anniversary discounts and access to double points events.

Forever 21 Credit Card Drawbacks

When you have your Forever 21 credit card, just make sure that you make wise purchases. Only use your credit card if you're sure that you can afford to pay it off as the interest rate is steep - 27.24% APR. It would be very difficult to get out if you get caught up in a vicious debt cycle. The use of credit cards requires great financial responsibility. You can use credit cards to your advantage, or they can lead you to your financial distress. Another disadvantage of the card is its rewards program. Three points per dollar may seem a lot but when it comes to redemption, your actual savings are mere. Besides, points can be redeemed at Forever 21 stores only. You won't be able to use them outside the outlet.

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Customer Care: 1-866-512-6286

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