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David's Bridal Credit Card Review

David's Bridal Credit Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent/Good/Fair Credit
Card Rating:
Are you getting married? Then, you could take advantage of the David's Bridal Credit Card. Save money when shopping at David's Bridal store. Get financing benefits and the most exclusive promotions only for card holders. Don't just use the David Bridal Credit Card for your wedding. They have the best dresses, accessories, and shoes all women love. If your friends are getting married, then David's Bridal credit card is a good ally for getting gifts and decorations. Not just for the ceremony, but also for the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and honeymoon. David Bridal is simply the specialist in weddings.

David's Bridal Credit Card Details


  • 6 months special financing.12
  • Exclusive cardholder promotions.12
  • Advance notice of sales and special offers.12
  • Early access to new looks.12
  • Easy online account management and bill payment.12


Max. Rewards: No rewards12
Sign-up Bonus: No bonus offer12


Purchase Intro APR: No intro APR12
Purchase Regular APR: 26.99%12
Cash Advance Fee: See terms
Cash Advance Regular APR: See terms
Balance Transfer Intro APR: No intro APR12
Balance Transfer Regular APR: n/a12
Balance Transfer Fee: See terms
Annual Fee: None12

David's Bridal Credit Card Benefits

The David's Bridal Credit Card gives you the best benefits for weddings. You can enjoy up to 6 months of financing every time you are buying. Get the exclusive cardholder promotions available only at the David's Bridal store. Get control of your expenditures and use David's Bridal credit card for everything. The Comenity Capital Bank is managing it, and it is accepted in other establishments. You can check your account and manage your purchases easily online. Fill the Davids Bridal credit card application form together to improve your credit and financing opportunities. Last, but not least, the David's Bridal Credit Card gives you access to advance notice on special offers and sales at David's Bridal shops so that you can get there before everyone does.

David's Bridal Credit Card Drawbacks

The exclusive cardholder promotions are only at the David's Bridal shop. They only sell merchandise related to weddings, and you cannot get other goods. The promotional financing depends on the bank approval. Comenity Capital Bank will determine who qualifies for this promotion. There will be minimum monthly payments required during the six month period.

Contact Information


David's Bridal Customer Service:


David's Bridal Credit Card Customer Service (operated by the Comeniy Capital Bank):


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User Comments about David's Bridal Credit Card

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cool when you shop for a wedding, but otherwise useless. The APR is rather high
no use
Definitely the worst card I've had. The fees after the intro period are going to eat up your balance, and if you are late, you're gonna regret it forever
I needed a gown for my wedding, and they are desperately expensive these days.. Got this credit card quite easily. The offers at David’s Bridal are ok, I especially liked the layaway option, but the card itself left me unsatisfied. The rates and fees and the APR are way too costly((
High Rates
I found my dress... then it came time to how I would get it... I was talked into the credit card & was approved instantly. If you are young & don't know how a credit card works or do not have a stable job, this card is not for you! It will eat you up & lower your credit score like crazy if you can't make a payment. Credit is everything.... I purchased my dress in Feb. 2017 & just paid off the card in Mar. of 2018 & my score is so sad. I would encourage you to go to your bank/credit union & apply for a lower APR card... or save up in general to purchase your dress in cash.