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Crate and Barrel Credit Card Payment

Crate&Barrel Credit Card There are different ways to pay for Crate and Barrel Credit Card. The only requirement to pay is to be in the U.S. However, if you are outside of the U.S., it may be possible to make an electronic payment. If you have any problems simply address to Customer Care Service to help you.

How to Pay for Crate and Barrel Credit Card Online

An online payment can be done any time of the day. The customer needs to provide the amount that is paying correctly, so there are no issues. The complete funds transfer from the customer's account takes up to 2 days. There is no fee for paying online.

How to Pay for Crate and Barrel Credit Card In-store

In-store payment can be done directly in the stores, using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Cash, checks and debit cards can be used as well.

How to Pay for Crate and Barrel Credit Card via Mail

This payment can be done by mailing the payments to Comenity Bank. Using this method the customer has to prepare a check, an order of payment or a cashier's check with the specified amount of money that needs to be paid. If the customer does not have a remittance slip from the invoice, just have to write the number of the credit card account on the money order or on the check.

How to Pay for Crate and Barrel Credit Card over the Phone

Payments can also be done over the phone at Crate and Barrel. The customer needs to have the account number prepared before making the call, then to dial (866)-258-0114, and will be redirected to a live customer care agent.

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