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Citi Hilton HHonors Rewards and Benefits

Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Visa Signature® Card Although there are no currently no coupons available for the Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Credit Card, users can earn a lot of points which can be used almost anywhere and for almost anything. There are several thousand ways of earning HHonors points: from staying at Hilton resorts and hotels, making premium merchandise purchases to dining at restaurants using the Citi Hilton Credit Cards. If you are an ardent user of the Citi Hilton Credit Card, you will never run out of options when making use of the points you have earned. Here are some of the details of the rewards:
  • For every $1 spent on hotel lodging within Hilton Portfolio, you get to earn 6 HHonors Bonus Points.
  • For every $1 spent at drugstores, supermarkets and gas stations using the Citi HHonors Visa Credit Card, you get to earn 3 HHonors Bonus Points.
  • Earned bonus points are redeemable for premium merchandise, hotel stays and remarkable experience in over 92 countries around the world.
  • Points earned by using the Citi Hilton Credit Card don't expire provided that users utilize the card in a qualifying HHonors activity at least once every twelve months.

How to Use Hilton Honors App

Hilton and Google have joined forces to enrich the experience of users of the Citi Hilton Credit Card via Google Maps. You can make use of the Hilton Honors app to change the way you travel as well as to search or book for a room. It is a user-friendly app that anyone can use, and another feature you can utilize via the Hilton Honors app is the ability to change the details of your stay at a moment's notice at any of the Hilton Hotels around the nation.
The Hilton Honors app, now powered by Google Maps is exclusive to members of HHonors and enables users to get a view of the surroundings in the hotel of their choice as well as the ability to select any room of their choice. Complete with digital floor plans, the Hilton Honors app is quite revolutionary and it is presently available on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms. To enjoy the benefits of the Hilton Honors app, you need to be a member, as noted earlier.

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