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How to Get Citi Rewards

Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer However, Citi Double Cash card doesn't provide any direct coupons and promo offers, you can enjoy rewards and special advantages with Citibank.

How to Earn Cash Back Rewards?

Just use your Citibank Double Cash card to pay everything you need. For every dollar, you spend you will get 1% back. Then, when you pay for it, you will get 1% back. That is how you get double cash back.
How to Redeem Cash Back Rewards?
There are three ways to get cash back:
  • Receive your money back with checks.
  • Get your cash back as statement credits.
  • Get gift cards for your cash back rewards.
Chose the cash back option you prefer on your Citicards account online.
What are the Limits for Getting Cash Back Rewards?
There is no limit. No restrictions. No categories. Get cash back all the time.
What Other Benefits Does the Citibank Double Cash Offer?
Other VIP benefits you have for being a Citibank credit card holder are:
  • Credit card late fee passes on your first miss.
  • Get tickets and VIP packages with Citi Private Pass.
  • Get more money back with Citi Price Rewind, where Citibank will look for the lowest price online 60 days after your original purchase to reimburse you the difference.
  • The best credit card security.
  • Travel protection.

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