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How to Get Brooks Brothers Coupons

Brooks Brothers Platinum MasterCard® Unfortunately, you won't find Brooks Brothers coupons which you could use to get a discount. However, there often are sales, as online as in-store, where you can grab good deals. Also, online shoppers can get free shipping of their purchase at special free shipping promotions.
Another good way to save on Brooks Brothers purchases is a Brooks Brother credit card. It offers you a plethora of rewards and attractive discounts. Open a Brooks Brothers Credit Card account and get 15% off Your First Day's purchase at Brooks Brothers. Also, you can receive $20 reward card for purchases made outside Brooks Brothers, earn a $20 reward for every $500 you spend in-store, which is the equivalent of four points per dollar spent. Brooks Brothers Platinum MasterCard holders are also eligible to earn $20 reward card for every $2,000 they spend outside Brooks Brother stores. The cardholders also get an opportunity to participate in exclusive preferred cardholder events held by the company four times a year.

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